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Jonas Lester

Mug shot of Jonas Lester

Season 1
Ability None
Appearance Welcome to Haven
Status Deceased
Actor Zach Tovey[1]

Jonas James Lester (d. June 2010) was a veteran of the Gulf War and a resident of Haven, Maine.


After leaving the military and returning to Haven, Lester began using his computer knowledge to steal VA benefits from other veterans, including Conrad Brauer. With the help of Ted Ford, he attempted to steal a two-million dollar inheritance from Marion Caldwell. Lester was later arrested for a parole violation and held in federal prison.

He managed to escape, killing a guard in the process, and returned to Haven where he attempted to hire Duke Crocker to smuggle him to Canada. Crocker refused, but Lester stole Duke's revolver, and managed acquire a boat of his own. He then headed to Tuwiuwok Bluff, having arranged with Ford to get Caldwell up to the cliff. Having stolen a revolver from Duke Crocker, Lester pursued Caldwell, but was in turn pursued by Brauer, who had followed Caldwell to the Bluff.

Lester was subsequently thrown from the cliff when Caldwell's inate abilities manifested, landing a significant distance away on a beach below. His death was investigated by FBI Agent Audrey Parker.

Lester's name was later found at the top of a list under the heading "Citizens killed by the cursed" that was discovered by Duke Crocker in the office of Ed Driscoll.