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Joseph Brentner
Season 3
Ability None
Occupation Paramedic
First Appearance Magic Hour: Part 1
Last Appearance Magic Hour: Part 2
Relationships Noelle
Appeared In 2 Episodes
Status Alive, Shot but resurrected
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Joseph Brentner is the boyfriend of Noelle and a paramedic in Haven.

Joseph initially died in a car crash, activating his girlfriend Noelle's resurrection Trouble; she brought him back, then Noelle's sister Moira used the Trouble to blackmail people for money in exchange for raising their loved ones from the dead.

He was aware of the blackmail scheme, and disapproved of it; upon confronting Moira, she shot him in the head, Joseph dying for a second time. Noelle brought him back again before fleeing with her sister into the woods.

Joseph attempted to bring supplies to a wounded Noelle at one of the cabins, but was caught by Audrey Parker and handcuffed while Duke Crocker and Tommy Bowen searched the cabin for Noelle; Tommy found her and, secretly the Bolt-Gun Killer in disguise, killed Noelle and made it look like she had died from her wounds.

Joseph was in shock over his girlfriend's death, and remained in custody until Audrey had activated the Trouble in Moira and used it to bring Noelle back, Moira feeling remorseful for all that she had done to her sister. Joseph, Noelle and Moira then left Haven to go into hiding.