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Julia Carr
Season 1
Ability Unknown
Occupation Surgeon
First Appearance As You Were
Last Appearance Spiral
Relationships Eleanor Carr (Mother)†
Vince Teagues (possible father)
(unnamed Grandfather) †
Duke Crocker (Childhood Friend)
Appeared In 4 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Michelle Monteith

Julia Carr is the daughter of Eleanor Carr, a surgeon with Doctors Without Borders, having spent time in Darfur and a member of The Guard. She is also a childhood friend of Duke.

Season 1[]

During the first weekend in September of 2010, she was among the guests who attended the surprise birthday party for Audrey Parker on Carpenter's Knot.

On 23 September 2010, she joined Parker, Duke Crocker, Ezra Colbert, and Tobias Blaine for a poker game aboard the Cape Rouge, and was subsequently taken hostage by Colbert and Blaine, along with Crocker and Parker.

In October, she took Crocker to a graveyard, where she showed him that a unique symbol that he believed would be tattooed on a man who would kill him was actually engraved on many headstones there. Also when Duke offers her a drink in his boat, the same symbol appears and disappears on her left shoulder.

In Season 2, Duke mentions that she went back to Africa.


Season One

Season Two

Season Four


  • Julia could be the daughter of Vince Teagues as her maze tattoo fades in and out similar to his own, as would any first born in the Teagues family.