Just Passing Through
Haven 520
Season 5
Episode 20
Premiere date November 12, 2015
Written by Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn
Directed by Colin Ferguson
Previous episode Perditus
Next episode Close to Home
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"Just Passing Through" is the 72nd episode of Haven and the twentieth episode of season 5.

Synopsis Edit

Nathan and Vince travel back to 1983 to learn how Croatoan found a way to Haven. Duke is apprehended by a mysterious foe.

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  • Aidan McLaughlin as Young Saul
  • Jamie Proctor as Barbara Colton
  • Thom Payne as Young Mosley
  • Anthony Black as Man in Suit
  • Sean Skerry as Saul Goodwin


  • Nathan: I need some answers about Charlotte's death Dave.
    Dave: Nathan please understand. It wasn't me. I was being controlled by Croatoan.
    Nathan: But why would Croatoan want Charlotte dead?
    Dave: I swear, I don't remember anything. It was just like last time.
    Nathan: What? Something like this happened before?
    Dave: 1983. Woke up on the beach once near a body.
    Nathan: Whose body?
    Dave: James Cogan, The Colorado Kid, your son. I think I killed him too Nathan. [crying] I'm so sorry.
    Nathan: I need to know everything that you remember about the day he died.
    Dave: I don't remember much about that day. [sighs] It's all so jumbled.
    Nathan: Who was there? Anyone suspicious?
    Dave: There was one stranger. A woman just for a minute. She ran past me just as the thinny opened and I was drawn in.
    Nathan: Wait, wait, wait. You saw a thinny on the beach? [Dave nods] Are you sure?
    Dave: Yeah, the only thing I am sure of.
    Nathan: Who was that woman? Why was she there?
    Dave: I don't know.
    Nathan: [stops and thinks about what Dave told him] There's another way into the Void.
  • Audrey: I guess nylon was in '83.
    Nathan: We raided Goodwill.
  • Young Saul: Hey, mister. I know you're not a cop around here but they're always too busy to help me anyways. So maybe you can.
    Nathan: Yeah, what's wrong?
    Young Saul: My camera got stolen, my good one.
    Nathan: Did you file a report?
    Young Saul: I already know who stole it-- a kid in my grade, Duke Crocker.
    Nathan: Come here. You know that abandoned shed out on East Beach? [whispering] That's where Duke hides all the things he steals. Go get your camera back.
    Young Saul: How do you know that?
    Nathan: Told you, I work for the governement. Get out of here.
  • Vince: Excuse me. I'm looking for a David J. Teagues.
    Young Dave: I'm Dave.
    Vince: Well, pleasure to meet you. [shakes hand] I'm Wallace Telman, literary agent. You wrote a piece on the vanishing lobster man of Spruce Island that was, well...sublime.
    Young Dave: Well, lots of lobstering going on around here. You know, what you know.
    Vince: Indeed. And if I may be so bold. I think you should get to know the dude ranches in New Mexico immediately.
    Young Dave: Excuse me.
    Vince: Mr. Teagues, I'll be blunt. You're a wonderful writer--muscular, nuanced--and I could get you published in Time magazine if you covered an inter-dude-ranch rodeo in New Mexico tomorrow.
    Young Dave: Tomorrow?
    Vince: You'd have to leave tonight.
    Young Dave: Wow. [starts to get suspicious.] Wait a minute. Oh, my god. Vincent?
    Vince: [sighs and throws his hat on the ground.] Oh, darn it all!
  • Nathan: Garland, I need to talk to Barbara Colton. I think she can do something.
    Garland: No, you're not going anywhere until you tell me who the hell you are.
    Nathan: Okay, it sounds like I am talking nonsense, but I am on your side. I am trying to save Haven.
    Garland: Save Haven? What's your interest in this? You're not with the FBI. You're not with the State Police. I can't find a record on you anywhere. Why don't we just start with you telling me your real name?
    Nathan: My first name really is Nathan. I was born here at the Ping, 12:43 a.m., December 14 to Elizabeth and Max Hansen. But I took my adoptive father's last name. I'm Nathan Wuornos. I'm your son.
  • Duke: Hey, I got an idea. You can just let me slip out of that bathroom window, say I-I sucker-punched you alright? And in return, I can set you up with a life where you never have to wear a suit again. You know what I'm saying?
  • Nathan: [voiceover] Duke, it's Nathan, writing from 1983. Guess it's my turn to write a letter from the past. I know we didn't end in a great place but I need your help. I've found a way to save Haven once and for all. But I can't do it without you. I need you to find a member of the Colton family and bring em back to the shroud to Haven. Please, I'm counting on you.
    Duke: Hailie.

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  • "Do Whatcha Feel" by Len Boone

Notes Edit

  • This is James Cogan's first since appearing in Thanks for the Memories.
  • According to Syfy's site. the name Agent Butterworth is a reference to Nathan's love for pancakes.[1]

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