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Kira Fulcher
Season 5
Ability Her anger creates electricity
Appearance 2 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Alex Paxton-Beesley
Power - kira charging the station-0.jpg

Kira Fulcher is the cousin of Lori Fulcher and the ex-fiancée of Tony, the history teacher.


Engaged to Tony, they were to be married in Venice, but Kira changed her mind and broke off the wedding right before Joe Sena's fog shroud erupted around the city limits; unbeknownst to her, this activated Tony's Trouble where darkness flays people alive. This all stemmed from Tony's denial of their breakup.

Kira embarked on Nathan Wuornos' mission to power the city's generator; she managed to survive the journey there, and Nathan and Charlotte Cross intended to use Kira's Trouble to power it, but she accidentally overloaded it. Charlotte and Dave Teagues took over the repair of the generator, while Kira, feeling guilty, volunteered to leave with Nathan in his search for William's Aether Stash.

The two of them were still out after dark, and it threatened to consume them both; Kira was injured at the Stash's location and Nathan was forced to leave while Kira used her Trouble to electrically power a light until Nathan could return with help.

Kira managed to stay alive until Dwight Hendrickson and Charlotte found her, while Audrey Parker and Nathan managed to resolve Tony's darkness Trouble and force him to accept what happened. Kira returned safely to the others with Dwight and Charlotte.



Kira seems to detest fat-free yogurt, as she used the thought of it as a method of making her angry and powering her Trouble