Haven, Maine Wiki
Kyle Hopkins
Season 2
Ability Brings dead spirits back
Appearance Sins of the Fathers
Status Deceased
Actor Torrance Coombs

Kyle Hopkins was the husband of Marissa Hopkins a gravedigger at Eastside Cemetery, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


He was responsible for the burial of Ed Driscoll, Simon Crocker, and Garland Wuornos. When Audrey and Nathan showed up at the cemetery to investigate he showed hostility to Audrey for shooting the rev, and hate at nathan for being troubled. later when he is alone the spirit of the rev tells him it will be alright and convinces him to help him. A little while after he the rev and another man go looking for the afflicted with a list of Haven's known troubled. He is next seen hold a gun to the back of Audrey's head. Audrey tells him about his trouble in front of his wife and the rest of Driscoll's followers. He quickly rushes up to Duke and grabs his hand stabbing himself with the knife. He thanks Duke saying that his son will not have to suffer his family's curse and dies.