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Kyle Mitchell is an actor who portrays Sinister in the series Haven.

Kyle Mitchell is a Canadian-based, professional actor and has been performing in Commercials, Theatre, Television and Film productions across Canada since the age of six.

His portrayal of “Boy Kicking Soccer Ball” in a 1983, Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial, garnered Kyle as much KFC chicken as he could eat while on-set, a $50.00 cheque AND vast amounts of acclaim from both his mother and father. The young, Mr. Mitchell may have been the happiest 6-year-old of all time, that day! A mere 12 years later, while attending the renowned Victoria School of the Arts, Kyle was once again thrust into the spotlight as a “Featured Performer” (for two season) on the much loved CBC TV series, “Jake and the Kid”, thusly cementing Mr. Mitchell's desire to never, ever have a regular, 9-5 office job... Ever.

Since that fateful, Twenty-Episode run on “Jake”, Kyle has appeared on many stages and screens around the world, a small sample, being...

as: “Sinister Man” (5 episodes) on SyFy's award-winning TV series, “Haven”, starring Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour.

as: “Yuri” (4 episodes) on HBO Canada's hit TV series, “Call Me Fitz”, starring Jason Priestley.

as: “Victor Emmanuel Chandebise” & “Poche” in the stage production of Georges Feydeau's, fast-paced farce, “A Flea in Her Ear”.

as: “Sleazy, French-Canadian Strip Club Manager” in the upcoming film, “Trailer Park Boys 3: Don’t Legalize It”.

For more information on Kyle Mitchell's upcoming projects, please check out his IMDB page by following the link below. Or, to watch an interview Kyle did for thetvaddict.com, please follow that link, below.

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