Haven, Maine Wiki
Lainey Fortuna
Season 5
Ability Deals tarrot card meanings to people
Appearance 2 episodes
Status Deceased
Actor Gabrielle Miller

Lainey was a psychic and the wife of Herbert. She was the sister of Ona.


Years ago she and her husband had gotten into a car accident that scarred Herb's arm. At some point Herb was killed in Trouble Alley leaving Lainey by herself.

In Wild Card, she is approached by Croatoan and asked to draw cards for Nathan, Audrey, Dwight and Charlotte. Her memory of his visit was wiped from her mind. She is later visited by Nathan Wuornos who discovers that she is troubled.

Her trouble is connected to her tarot cards, after doing a reading, the number of the last tarot card appears on their wrist and causes the meaning of the card to happen to the subject.

After her Trouble was resolved and the effects on people had seemingly worn off, her sister Ona had resurrected her husband Herb, who gradually transformed into a zombie and killed Lainey. Audrey managed to trap Herb's zombie in a closet until the Trouble had worn off.