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Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Ability Holloway Trouble of merging with a building (Formerly)
Appearance Blind Spot + 11 uncredited
Status Alive
Actor Stefani Deoul

Laverne is the dispatcher for the Haven Police Department, and a resident of Haven, Maine.

It appears that she has worked for Haven PD for awhile and refers to Nathan with various pet names such as "sugar" and "sweetie" throughout the series.

Season 5[]

In Blind Spot, Laverne's trouble, that was formerly the Holloway trouble, activates causing her to merge with the police station for the remaining episodes of the season.

During the epilogue in Forever, Nathan reached out to Laverne on the dispatcher as usual and asked her to send the easy copies to Stan but her voice caused him to turn around and see Laverne in her normal self for the first time since the troubles ended last month. He questions her whereabouts in the dispatch room even though she admitted to spending a little bit more time in the PD. It was revealed during Nathan and Laverne's brief chat that Laverne was actually reporting Gloria's errand to Nathan regarding the troubles. To date, the series finale marks Laverne's first and only on-screen appearance.


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  • Laverne's actor Stefani Deoul also worked as a supervising producer on the show.