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Lincoln Harker
Lincoln Harker.jpg
Season 4
Ability Superhearing
Appearance When the Bough Breaks
Status Alive
Actor Michael Hogan

Lincoln Harker is the husband of Gloria Verrano.

He initially appeared to provide Gloria emotional support during the situation involving baby Aaron Harker, whose cries could kill people. Lincoln is hearing impaired.

William wanted Audrey to see that there was no way to resolve this Trouble unless she gave a Trouble to someone else. Her first attempt was to try to put a Silence Trouble on Lincoln, hoping that it would somehow counteract the effects of Aaron's crying. Gloria was against the idea, but Lincoln was open to it, wishing to help any way he could. So Audrey gave him a Trouble; however, instead of silencing Aaron's cries, it only made everything sound strange. Lincoln went home so that his new Trouble would not make things worse.