Haven, Maine Wiki
Season 5
Ability Bullet Magnet
Occupation None
First Appearance The Widening Gyre
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Dwight Hendrickson (father)
Appeared In 3 episodes + 2 Webisodes
Status Alive
Actor Gabrielle Trudel
Olivia Woods (Web Series)

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Hendrickson is the daughter of Dwight Hendrickson and a resident of Haven, Maine.


Lizzie was killed in an incident involving the Guard where the Hendrickson Trouble was activated in her, and she was gunned down accidentally by the Guardsmen. Her mother split with Dwight and left, and Dwight remained grieving ever since.

She was seemingly resurrected by Croatoan at the end of "The Widening Gyre", as she knew everything that Dwight would expect her to remember, aside from her death. Croatoan used her as leverage to force Dwight to do his bidding, though Lizzie was unaware of any danger to her at all.

When the Troubles ended permanently, Dwight was concerned whether Lizzie would stay or not; the ghost of Duke Crocker informed Dwight that if he truly believed she was really Lizzie, then she would stay. Sure enough, Lizzie remained after the Troubles disappeared, and she had a second chance at life. She was last seen going fishing with Dwight and McHugh.


Escape to Haven[]

  • " The Father"

Season Two[]


Season Five[]


Elizabeth shares her name with an American actress who played identical twins Frankie and Maggie Stone on All My Children.