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Lost and Found
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Season 4
Episode 4
Premiere date US: 4 October 2013 [1]
UK: 17 October 2013[1]
Written by Speed Weed
Directed by Lee Rose
Previous episode "Bad Blood"
Next episode "The New Girl"
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"Lost and Found" is the 43rd episode of Haven, and the fourth episode of the fourth season. It aired on Syfy on 4 October 2013.


Dwight and Nathan find missing children and help a childless man come to terms with his Trouble. Duke tries to help Jennifer hear Audrey's conversation in the barn more clearly. Audrey takes a leap of faith, and arrives safely (more or less) in Haven. Nathan tries to make the ultimate sacrifice for Haven, but the connection that would allow the sacrifice to work is gone.


A woman tucks in her four-year-old daughter Harper for the night. When she leaves the room, a childlike giggle echoes through the room. The mother comes in and tells Harper to be quiet, but she says her friend did that. The mother tells Harper and her imaginary friend to be quiet and go to sleep. When she leaves again, the giggle continues and Harper gets up and goes to her toy box.

The next morning, Harper's mother comes in to find her daughter gone. She calls the police and Dwight and Nathan arrive. She shows them a makeshift ladder made of toys and furniture leading to the open air vent. She assumes that Harper's abductor made it and pulled Harper inside the vent, but Nathan points out a toy spatula that Harper used to unscrew the vent from the inside, and the entire house has no sign of any forced entry. Dwight asks if she knows about The Troubles. She says she does but insists her family doesn't have one. Dwight and Nathan both wish Audrey were here.

In the bar, William tells Lexie that The Barn is in a space between worlds and she has to find the way out before it collapses. She is the only one who can find the door leading back to Haven. She asks him who he is, but he says he's not allowed to tell her. He says that to see the truth, she has to close her eyes and clear her mind. She complies, and when she opens her eyes, she can see the walls, floor, and ceiling slowly collapsing, exposing the dark void outside.

In her room, Jennifer is sleeping when she suddenly hears Lexie and William's conversation.

Jennifer tells Duke and Nathan what she heard. Duke leads her to The Barn's former location, hoping she will be able to hear more clearly. Nathan, upon hearing that Audrey will die if she doesn't escape soon, starts harassing Jennifer, ordering her to hurry up. Duke makes him back off. Nathan gets a call from Dwight about another missing child. Duke tells him to investigate the children while he helps Jennifer. Duke says he's noticed that unlike other Troubles, Jennifer's seems to activate more often when she is relaxed. He takes her to his boat and tries to teach her yoga. She asks how this is supposed to help. He comments that a person whose mind is clear and focused can do anything and does a handstand. She tries to copy him and falls over, but Duke catches her before she hurts herself.

At the station, Dwight tells Nathan that a four-year-old boy named Kent Tobel disappeared from a store. He built a makeshift ladder out of boxes to get an emergency door key so he could shut down the alarm and go out the back door. Harper and Kent both go to Sunnyside Preschool, the same school Dwight's dead daughter Lizzie used to attend. Dwight laments that he's failing to save the children, but Nathan assures that he's doing a good job. They review the store's security footage and hear the same giggle, then realize that Kent is entranced. They notice in the background a ten-year-old looking boy with massive fangs.

Duke tries to teach Jennifer meditation. She tries to perform lotus position but cannot, so he tells her to sit normally. While contemplating a bowl as part of the exercise, she accidentally drops it... and Lexie and William hear the impact. William says that is a good sign, because it means there are people looking for her.

Dwight brings Vince and Dave up to speed on Jennifer's reports and the missing children. He gives them a picture of the fanged boy and tells them to do research.

In the forest, Nathan and Sunnyside principal Carmen Brock organize a search party. Nathan asks Carmen to make a list of children who might fit the fanged boy's description. He then calls Duke, who lies and tells him that things are going fine and that Nathan should continue with the search rather than distract Jennifer. Nathan reluctantly agrees and hangs up, and discovers that Jordan has been listening to his conversation. She tells him to stop wasting time here and focus on finding Audrey. The Guard can find the missing children, cleaning up his mess. He angrily says that so far, seventeen people have died from The Troubles in the past six months, and every death haunts him. He wants Audrey to kill him so he can be free. Dwight finds several footprints. Some are Harper's and Kent's, but the others made by bare feet with claws.

Dave tells Vince he went to "the room" to do research on The Door. He tries to show him a book, but Vince says to put it away. Nathan comes in and says the search party came up empty. The brothers have concluded that they're dealing with a Douen, a Caribbean creature of myth that lures children away into the forest with its enchanting laughter, never to be seen again. The picture they've found in a book matches the boy in the security footage. Nathan points out that all of the Haven parents have their children locked up, but the Teagues warn that the Douens are masters of deception and can steal a child away despite any and all protections.

Valerie takes her son Ben to his room. He asks why he can't play outside, and she says because she said so. She tells him to play with his racecars and then goes to check on the home security system. He happily puts on a helmet and pretends to drive. As soon as she leaves, Ben hears the giggle and goes to the window. Valerie hears the alarm go off briefly and runs into the room. At first, she thinks Ben is sitting quietly, but finds that Ben put clothes and his helmet on a large stuffed animal.

Vince warns Nathan that the Douen are masters of deception, easily able to mislead a search party. He worries that the creatures could have taken the abducted children... and an approaching storm front brings a risk of hypothermia.

In the woods, a Douen leads Ben away.

Valerie calls the police and Dwight and Nathan arrive. Dwight assures her that she did nothing wrong. The officers are at a loss because Ben does not attend Sunnyside Preschool. Nathan notices drawings on the wall and Valerie explains she taught him. One of the drawings is dedicated to Aunt Carmen and Valerie explains that Carmen Brock is her sister.

Duke and Jennifer play the quarters drinking game. She starts to relax and can hear Lexie and William again.

Lexie is able to hear some of Jennifer's words. William says one of her friends is connected to The Barn. He says there are two doors, one inside The Barn and one in the real world. Both must be open at the same time for her to escape. She asks how he knows her friends, and he says she always has friends, and they need her. Lexie starts to concentrate and tries to find the door inside The Barn.

Jennifer reports to Duke about the two doors and tries to hear more, but a foghorn keeps breaking her concentration. She complains about it, but Duke says there's no foghorn. He then realizes she is hearing the foghorn in The Barn.

Dwight and Nathan go to Carmen's house, but there is no answer even though she returned home for a break, so Nathan kicks the door in. They find a lot of baby supplies, and a few files saying Carmen and her husband Braer are using IVF to try to conceive. Braer comes home and they explain that they suspect Carmen's Trouble to be what is abducting the children. Braer insists that Carmen doesn't have a Trouble, and that she would never harm a child, but Dwight asks if anything has upset or stressed her lately. He reluctantly admits that she became jealous when Valerie announced her second pregnancy a few days ago.

Deep in the forest, the Douen are playing "Ring Around The Rosie" with Harper, Ben, and Kent, and Carmen joins them. Harper collapses from hypothermia and the boys complain about the cold. Carmen starts to take them home, but the Douen laugh, entrancing her. Smiling, she joins in again and plays with the Douen and the boys while Harper lies on the ground, unconscious.

Nathan and Dwight find more Douen footprints around the house and figure that Carmen would have taken the children to someplace where she felt safe. Braer suggests a specific spot in the woods where he proposed to her. Nathan tells Dwight he has an idea about what is really going on, then calls Duke, who says they are doing fine. After he hangs up, Duke comments on how he could hear the police siren in the background... then realizes that Jennifer is hearing a foghorn because The Barn is next to a foghorn in the real world. He grabs some maps.

Lexie follows the sound of the foghorn to the wall. William clears the tables away and she touches the wall. A door appears. When she opens it, there's nothing but clouds and sky outside, as if the building were floating in the sky. Jennifer hears the door open.

Dwight, Nathan, and Braer go to that spot in the woods and find Carmen and the children. Dwight tries to go to Harper, but a Douen slashes his leg with its claws, running around faster than the eye can see. Another slashes Nathan across the stomach. Dwight pulls Nathan back and says the creatures are too fast to fight. They have to retreat and think of a plan.

Lexie closes the door in shock. William says the open sky doesn't matter. If the other door is open, she will be able to make it. All she has to do is take a leap of faith.

Nathan and Dwight point out that Carmen is under the Duoen's spell, and that the creatures didn't attack Braer. Nathan says it is his Trouble causing this. According to the IVF files, there is nothing wrong with Carmen, and Braer is sterile. Nathan says he didn't want to admit it was his fault they couldn't conceive. Nathan says he lost his son James, and though it is his fault, he's accepted it and moved on. Braer finally admits it was his fault and bursts into tears. The Douen disappear and Dwight and Nathan administer to the children. Carmen wakes up with no memory of what has happened.

Later, after the EMTs take the children away, Nathan tells Dwight that it wasn't Braer's fault he can't have children. Dwight points out that it wasn't his fault that his daughter Lizzie died, but that he still blames himself because she inherited his Trouble, something he had no control over. He asks why Nathan didn't play up his hunch back at the house, and he answers that he didn't want to waste time. He calls Duke, unaware that Jordan is eavesdropping.

Duke locates the foghorn and he and Jennifer go to the nearby field. As Nathan arrives, Jennifer explains that there is a door standing in the middle of the field, but Duke and Nathan can't see it. She tries to open it but can't, and figures that the other door must be opened first. Jordan and The Guard arrive and hold them all at gunpoint. They are there to make sure Nathan keeps his promise and gets Audrey to kill him. Duke prepares to fight back, but Nathan says he will keep his promise and surrenders his gun to Jordan.

Lexie steels herself and opens the door. The door in the field becomes visible to everyone. Nathan tries to open it but can't. Jennifer says she figures she has to open it. Suddenly, Dave arrives and threatens Jennifer with a gun, ordering her to stop. Vince runs up and says he tried to stop his brother. Nathan tells them Audrey will die if they don't get her out soon, but Dave says if they open the door, they will unleash forces beyond their control.

Lexie tells William it is time to go, but he says she must make this journey alone. He assures that he will be fine and they will meet again.

Dave insists that sacrificing Audrey is worth it, but Jordan sneaks up on him and touches his neck, knocking him out with her touch of pain Trouble. Duke again tries to fight The Guard, but Nathan makes him stand down. He is ready to die. Jennifer opens the door, and they look into the void of clouds.

Lexie asks what will happen when she makes it back to the real world, and William says she will be whoever she wants to be. She looks and sees Nathan and the others, calling for Audrey. She steps forward, and a path of light forms between the two doors. As she approaches, a wave of energy sweeps through the door, knocking everyone back.

Nathan, Jordan, and others start to recover. The door has disappeared. He takes his gun back and tenderly wakes Lexie up, calling her Audrey. He puts the gun in her hand and points it at his chest, then says she must kill him to end The Troubles. He passionately kisses her. After recovering from the kiss, she stares at him and asks why she would kill someone she's meeting for the first time. Everyone stares at her in shock, as she continues, "And who is Audrey? My name is Lexie."


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Danielle Moore as Harper
  • Timothy Schwager as Ben
  • Kristin Langille as Harper's Mom
  • Mitchell Heinrich-Frederick as Kent Tobel
  • Joey Romkey as Kent's Father
  • Travis Flint as Volunteer
  • Olivia Wood as Douen #1
  • Katherine Shore as Douen #2
  • Jack Wolfe as Douen #3
  • Sam Humphreys as Douen #4


  • Nathan: I hate this place. The barn crumpled to nothing. How can Audrey still be inside?

Duke: The time traveling barn that turned ten seconds into six months for me? That barn?
Dave: It's the Door, Vince. The one that Audrey is supposed to come out of.
Vince: What about it?
Dave: It bothers me.
Vince: It bothers you?
Dave: Yeah.
Vince: What doesn't bother you, Dave? Loud music, starchy collars, Mrs. Perlmutter's dog?[note 2]
Dave: Skittles is yappy.
Vince: I rest my case.


Social Media[]


  • #DiscoverHaven trended for an hour and ten minutes in the United States, ranking the 42nd most popular topic of the day.[4]
  • Despite the fourth season of Haven not airing until November of 2013, #DiscoverHaven trended for 35 minutes in Canada, ranking the 77th most popular topic of the day.[5]


  • The concept of doorways that can only be seen and opened by certain people appears throughout Stephen King's Dark Tower series, particularly in the 1987 novel The Drawing of the 3.
  • Carmen Brock has been receiving IVF treatment at Haven's Hope the local fertility clinic. Haven's Hope previously made an appearance in The Farmer.
  • Carmen Brock is the principal of Sunnyside Preschool, where Harper and Kent are students. Dwight Hendrickson's daughter Elizabeth also attended Sunnyside.


  1. Colin Ferguson is credited as a "Special Guest Star"
  2. Archie Perlmutter is a military officer in Stephen King's novel Dreamcatcher. Michelle Perlmutter is also the music supervisor[2] on the series.[3]