Haven, Maine Wiki
Louis Pufahl
Season 2
Ability Ability to bring to life machines that he repairs.
Appearance Love Machine
Status Alive
Actor Hugo Speer

Louis Pufahl is a "shipwright" and "repairman" living in Haven, Maine.


He fixes everything in Haven. Recently he fell in love with a woman, and was thinking about leaving Haven and moving to Alaska. Then things start to go haywire around him, but unaware he is indirectly causing this. He is confronted by Audrey and Nathan, and they tell him that the machines he fixes are coming to life. He tells them about his plans to leave, and they figure that the machines are trying to make him stay. Louis finally agrees to stay when a Zamboni almost kills the woman he loves. He is currently locked in his shop with the machines to keep people safe.


While contacting Nathan Wuornos, Laverne incorrectly identifies Pufahl as "Louis Haskell."