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You may be looking for the other Lucy Ripley.
Lucy Ripley (real)
Season 2
Ability None
Appearance Business As Usual
Status Alive
Actor Victoria Snow

Lucy Ripley is a former resident of Haven, Maine.


A while ago, Lucy met a woman (who was really Audrey at the time) who had the same name and memories as her. As "Lucy" was leaving, she stopped by and asked Lucy not to tell anyone where she was going. Soon after "Lucy" left, Simon Crocker came by asking for the woman's whereabouts.

Season 2[]

Years later, Lucy is visited by the woman again, but this time going by the name 'Audrey Parker'. Lucy informs Audrey about the past.  For a time, Audrey Parker suspected that Lucy was her mother, though she believed that the name of Lucy Ripley belonged to a woman who looked identical to herself. Parker later discovered that she was, herself, that identical woman, and that the real Lucy Ripley was an unrelated woman whose memories Parker had inexplicably acquired.