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Maddie is a citizen of Haven, Maine, and works as a couples counsellor. She is also highly skilled in forms of clinical hypnosis.

Season Season 3
Ability Unknown
Appearance 2 Episodes
Status Deceased
Actor Linda Kash


Maddie had lived in Haven for a long time; Troubled couples were often referred to her by Vince Teagues and Dave Teagues, for counselling. She was so firm and stubborn with her therapy, that Vince began to refer to her as the "Iron Maiden".

After the incident at the Lighthouse, Vince turned to her in order to recover the forgotten memories of what occurred in there that would cause its collapse. Due to the arguing of Vince and Dave, she decided to see them each separately; she saw Dave first, sending Vince on a walk and hypnotizing Dave. What she discovered was so great that she immediately phoned Vince and told him to come back. However, when Vince returned, Maddie and Dave had forgotten everything about their session, and that it even occurred. Vince made them both realize that they had "lost time" the same way that had happened at the Lighthouse, and Maddie checked her notes; all that she found was a scrawling of the word "Croatoan".

After Duke Crocker's Trouble-Bomb exploded, Haven descended into chaos, but Maddie survived the initial onslaught, as well the darkness crisis. It is possible that during this time, she contracted a Trouble, but it remains unknown what it could be; however, it is also possible that she already had that Trouble and had simply not informed Vince and Dave about it.

Upon discovering that the monster Croatoan was living inside Dave, Vince and Dwight Hendrickson had him tied up; they called Maddie, hoping that she could hypnotize Dave into sleep in order for him to fight Croatoan in his mind. She managed to put him under hypnosis successfully, but Croatoan seized control of Dave's body and killed Maddie, absorbing the Aether in her body through her eyes. Croatoan then removed the memories of this incident from Vince and Dwight, so that when they came to their senses, they found Maddie dead between them. Vince would use her hypnosis device to put Dave asleep once more, where Dave would die fighting Croatoan.