Matthew West
Season 1
Ability Pyrokinesis
Appearance The Hand You're Dealt
Status Deceased
Actor Max Topplin
Matthew West (d. Sept 2010) was a student at Haven High School, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


He possessed the ability to rapidly heat and ignite liquids pyrokinetically. Using his ability, he killed Carlene Manning by igniting the gasoline in her car, and killed fellow student Xander by rapidly boiling the water in a pool that Xander was swimming in. He later attempted to kill another student by igniting a propane tank, but failed when the explosion was prevented by Nathan Wournos, Duke Crocker, and Vanessa Stanley.

He died when Audrey Parker deliberately caused him to become so enraged that he spontaneously combusted.


West's ability is similar to those of Carrie White and Charlie McGee.


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