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Max Hansen
Season 1
Ability Unable to feel
Appearance Spiral
Status Deceased
Actor John Borgeios

Max Hansen (d. 9 Oct 2010) was the biological father of Nathan Wournos, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


He experiences no tactile sensation due to a rare disorder known as "idiopathic neuropathy"; this condition is not medical, but is rather a result of "the Troubles."

Hansen was a suspect in the May 1983 death of The Colorado Kid, though the investigating officer, Garland Wuornos, was unable to prove Hansen's guilt. In 1985, Hansen murdered a family, and was incarcerated at Shawshank in Maine, where he excelled in boxing because of his idiopathic neuropathy.

After serving twenty-five years, Hansen was paroled in October of 2010, and returned to Haven where he made contact with several people from his past, including Garland Wuornos (by that time Chief of the Haven Police Department), Dave and Vince Teagues, and his son, Nathan.

When Audrey Parker discovered a unique tattoo on Hansen's arm, Duke Crocker believed that Hansen was the man who would murder him, having been told by Vanessa Stanley that he would die at the hands of a man with that tattoo on his arm. Hansen also appears to have been friends with Ed Driscoll.

Hansen died when a crack in the ground "chased" him down a street, eventually catching up and opening a hole that he fell into. He was killed by the impact.

Some time later, Nathan revealed his relation to Hansen to a waitress at the Gun & Rose Diner, Jordan McKee, in order to gain entrance into The Guard.


His Trouble made him immune to touch (Idiopathic Neuropathy)


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