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The Maze Tattoo was first seen in Ball and Chain on the dead body of Phil Reiser.

At that time the tattoo artist claimed to have designed it only recently. Yet according to Jordan McKee, in the "Escape to Haven" (#EscapeToHaven) webseries, that the Tattoo was originally used during medieval times as a way of branding the Troubled and ensuring easy identification of the supernatural. Later the The Guard would adopt the former mark of shame as their logo. However Dwight Hendrickson later claims, in the same webseries no less, that the Guard lies, so McKee's version of the Tattoo's origin is open to doubt.

The tattoo is later mentioned by Vanessa Stanley. She not only foresaw Duke Crocker's death at the hands of a man with this tattoo on his arm, but had had the same vision regarding the death of The Colorado Kid in 1983.

Duke begins his search of the meaning behind the tattoo, learning from Julia Carr that many people in Haven have this tattoo. This is seen in the graveyard that has many tombstones with the symbol branded on it. It has been theorized by Duke that the people who wear the tattoo are Troubled. Not only that, but are forming an organization. They call themselves, "The Guard".

According to Jordan McKee, The Guard, protects people who are Troubled any way that they can, by bringing them to Haven and giving them a new life and by killing people who want to hurt them. The symbol also appears later on Unstake My Heart for Jennifer Mason as a guide to finding the door in Shot in the Dark. They later find out that Vince's tattoo is passed down in his family and can fade in and out unlike other ones. It also leads them to the location of the door.


  • The tattoo is first seen on Phil Reiser's dead body.
  • The tattoo appears on Max Hansen as he arrives in Haven.
  • It later appears on Julia Carr's shoulder, but vanishes. It is also seen (in a photograph) on her Grandfather as a young man.
  • Most of the men in the Glendower family have this tattoo as well.
  • In September of 2011, Duke discovered that Nathan Wuornos had the tattoo on his left forearm after Nathan pulled a gun on him in the hull of the Cape Rouge. The tattoo appeared newly-applied at that time.
  • Jordan McKee has one on her left arm.
  • Seen on Dwight's back in Magic Hour Part 2 and bulletproof vest in the Escape to Haven webisodes.
  • Seen on Vince's arm in Thanks For The Memories when he was revealed to be their leader.


According to Lucas Bryant, Nathan felt the pain of the needle as his tattoo was applied [1].