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Mchugh new world order.png
Season 5
Ability Unknown
Occupation Bartender
Army Ranger (formerly)
The Guard (member)
First Appearance Chemistry
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Dwight Hendrickson (friend)
Appeared In 6 episodes
Status Alive
Actor Christian

McHugh is the oldest and closest friend of Dwight Hendrickson as they have served together first as army rangers then as members of The Guard. Later on he left The Guard for a simpler life and wanted to stay under the radar.


In Chemistry, McHugh is working at the bar, The Rope Loft, when Dwight comes in and they discuss his relationship with Charlotte Cross.

In New World Order, McHugh appears at the Haven Police Department just in time to knock out a troubled man from bringing the building down around everyone. He soon joins back up with the Guard to help with the chaos.

In Power, McHugh showed Vince the recent victim from Croatoan who turned out to be Rolf.

In The Trial of Nathan Wuornos, McHugh tried to calm everybody down after Nathan tells Tony about Kira's supposed death. Nathan asks McHugh to back Audrey up while he's on trial and McHugh arrives just in time to help her arrest Faber Haskins and his men.

In The Widening Gyre, Dwight and McHugh report to Nathan about Duke killing another troubled person who could've reveal the location Croatoan has Audrey but were attacked by Duke. McHugh helps them subdue him and also backed Nathan up later that day while Dwight finds Audrey. Nathan asks McHugh to bring the trouble census so that he can use a trouble to draw out the real Duke. However, things didn't go as plan as Duke, once again taken over by Croatoan, escapes the interrogation room by knocking both men out and stealing the census.

In Forever, The Guard including McHugh distract Croatoan by shooting Dwight as he makes his way inside the tower with the controller. After the troubles ended in Haven, McHugh spends fishing time with Dwight and Lizzie.



  • McHugh was played by Jay "Christian" Reso who is Adam Copeland's real-life friend and former tag team partner.


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