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Megan McShaw
Megan McShaw.jpg
Season 1
Ability None
Appearance Consumed
Status Alive
Actor Amy Reitsma

Megan McShaw is the wife of Bill McShaw, the sister-in-law of Jeff McShaw and a resident of Haven, Maine.


Sometime prior to 2010, Bill and Megan got married.

In 2010, Bill and Jeff bought the restaurant formerly owned by their father and planned a grand re-opening, naming it the Second Chance Bistro. However, Meg didn't exactly support it - she wasn't a huge fan of Jeff because he kept buying expensive ingredients and causing the restaurant to go into dept if it sunk at the re-opening. She wanted Bill to work on his wood carvings.

Season 1[]

In July 2010; after Officers Nathan Wournos and Audrey Parker discovered that, when Bill became angry or anxious, the original crop of ingredients used to cook whatever he ate would turn rancid and after the death of Jeff, Bill sold Bistro to Duke Crocker for $20. He and Meg decided to persuade his wood carvings as a profession instead.