Haven, Maine Wiki
Season 2
Ability None
Appearance Lockdown
Status Deceased
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Merrill was the interim Chief of Police for less than a week in September of 2010.


Merrill is an outsider from New Brunswick, and has been brought in to Haven by Reverend Driscoll who got Councilman Gerst to out Interim Chief Nathan Wuornos on charges of falsifying police records.[1]

When Nikki Coleman's Trouble triggers, killing Officer Stark, Merrill places the station under lockdown, confiscating all weapons and phones and having the Rev's men stand as armed guard outside the station, shooting anyone who exits. Merrill believes that The Troubles are an abomination and that they must be destroyed. He's also terrified of Revered Driscoll, and too afraid to end the lockdown even once Coleman's Trouble attacks him. He dies of Coleman's Trouble.[2]