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Season 5
Ability Unknown
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance Spotlight
Last Appearance Nowhere Man
Relationships Dwight Hendrickson (ally)
The Guard (member)
Riley (friend)
Appeared In 3 episodes
Status Alive
Actor Paul Braunstein

Mitchell is a member of the Guard.


In Spotlight, Mitchell is sent after Nathan by Dwight to get Mara. When Nathan doesn't give Mara up, Mitchell grabs her and Nathan pulls a shotgun on him. Mitchell, enraged at the idea of her creating the troubles and getting away with it, starts to cut her, but Mara manages to turn the tables and Mitchell is left tied up as Nathan and Mara make their escape.

Mitchell informs Dwight of Nathan working with Mara, and later accompanies him to apprehend them both. Mitchell remains highly skeptical of Mara being able to help, until it is proven that she can alter Troubles. Under Dwight's orders, he did not seek out Mara for a while after she was taken into custody aboard Duke's boat, but realized that she could at the very least make Troubles easier to live with in the meantime.

When Nathan and Duke managed to bring Audrey back, and she was able to go to work again, Mitchell did not buy that it was really Audrey, and wanted to deal with her in his own way, but wouldn't dare as long as Dwight was in town. However, when Dwight left town to bury his recently-dead sister, Mitchell seized his opportunity and, along with fellow Guard members Riley, Reggie and Bishop, kidnapped Audrey with the intention of having her alter their Troubles; he was especially furious with her after he believed she had killed Reggie.

Audrey was eventually rescued by Duke, who warned Mitchell against ever coming after Audrey again; Mitchell heeded the warning, and wasn't seen again, presumably doing Guard work off-screen from that point onward, or possibly being punished by Dwight when he returned.


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