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You may be looking for Moira Keegan, of the Keegan/Novelli Trouble
Season 3
Ability Can resurrect the Dead (Formerly)
Occupation Cleaning Personal
First Appearance Magic Hour: Part 1
Last Appearance Magic Hour: Part 2
Relationships Noelle (Younger sister)
Appeared In 2 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Claudia Black

Moira is the older sister of Noelle and is using her sister's ability to blackmail people.


When Moira was around 10, she, her sister, and her father got into a car crash, all Moira remembers of that day is her sister letting their father die and ever since that day Moira has made her sister's life a living hell.

Noelle's Trouble was activated when her boyfriend died in a car accident, and Noelle used her Trouble to bring him back; Moira knew of this, and, upon knowing that her Trouble was active again, used it to her advantage, killing people and blackmailing their loved ones for money to resurrect them with Noelle's Trouble.

Moira knew that Noelle hated this, and only went along with it because of her sister, though Moira believed her to be weak-willed. However, when Nathan Wuornos became aware of Moira and Noelle, the sisters fled to a cabin in the woods, where Moira gave Noelle a gun as she left for supplies.

When Moira returned, she hid and watched from the bushes as her sister was forced into a police car, having been found by Nathan and Tommy Bowen. She witnessed Nathan's discovery of Tommy being the Bolt-Gun Killer, and Tommy killed Nathan. Noelle tried to run, but was shot as well, limping away. Moira ran and hid in another cabin.

Eventually, Moira was found by Audrey Parker and tied up in one of the cabins, revealing that Noelle was dead, and hoped that seeing her sister dead would activate the resurrection Trouble in Moira. However, Moira simply scoffed, unimpressed with Noelle, and this could not resurrect Nathan and Noelle. Audrey then realized that when she was a child, Moira had in fact died in the car crash and been resurrected by her sister instead of her father, as her father always told Noelle that if she absorbed more than one death a day it could kill her. Tearful and remorseful for ruining her sister's life, Moira's Trouble was activated and she managed to revive both Nathan and Noelle; however, the words of her father rang true, as absorbing both deaths killed Moira temporarily, long enough for Noelle to save Moira alone. They, along with Noelle's boyfriend, then went into hiding.