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Morgan Gardener
Morgan Gardener.jpg
Season Season 5
Ability None
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance Nowhere Man
Last Appearance Exposure
Relationships Amy Potter (girlfriend)
Appeared In 2 Episodes
Status Dying from cancer
Actor Chris Masterson

Morgan Gardener is the boyfriend of Amy Potter, whom she accidentally made disappear with her trouble.


He was dating Amy and after his birthday he discovered he had cancer. When he could no longer take his illness, he went out for a swim in the ocean unknowing that Amy's trouble had activated and printed his photo off. This sends him into the ghost world in Haven where Amy couldn't see or hear him.

In Nowhere Man, Nathan meets Morgan in ghost world and tells him that he is not actually dead; at first Morgan is unconvinced, but when he realizes that Nathan is right, he does anything he can to avoid Amy's Trouble being fixed, so that his cancer does not continue to kill him. He kills another man to try to intimidate Nathan into giving up, but it has the opposite effect; Nathan nearly gets the Trouble resolved, and Morgan, seeing no other way, threatens to kill Nathan and tricks his girlfriend Amy into entering the ghost world herself.

When Amy finds out what kind of a person Morgan has become, she conquers her Trouble and they all return to the real world. Morgan is livid, and attacks Nathan, but is knocked unconscious by Seth Byrne. Afterward, Morgan was hospitalized, where it is presumed that he went right back to dying from cancer.



  • Morgan is played by Chris Masterson who is also the younger brother of season four guest star Danny Masterson.