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Season 5
Episode 10
Premiere date November 14, 2014
Written by Adam Higgs
Directed by Rick Bota
Previous episode Morbidity
Next episode Reflections
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"Mortality" is the 62nd episode of Haven and the tenth episode of Season 5.


Haven's heroes are torn over how to deal with an inquisitive CDC scientist, who could expose the secret of the troubles to the world, but may be hiding her own dark agenda.


The gang tries to figure out if a CDC scientist can help cure their troubles or end up revealing their secrets.

A police officer named Rebecca tries to bar Audrey from coming back to town after taking Vince and Dave away. Nathan steps in and then Audrey begins to cough.

Dwight promises to explain everything to the CDC Charlotte. His way of doing this is taking her shooting so the bullet will hit him directly. It's the best way to explain it to her. She thinks the gun malfunctioned.

Duke thinks Dwight is selling him out by telling the CDC lady about the troubles.

Charlotte wants to do anything to believe the Troubles aren't real. Dwight points out that if she's going to help them, she's going to have to believe.

Audrey and Nathan visit a Troubled dude named Kirby. When he touches people, he sees their death. He was sick and his Trouble was triggered. He wants to kill himself.

Duke takes Mara so she can alter the Troubled person so they no longer make people sick. For that Mara needs aether.

Charlotte realizes that anyone with a Trouble is immune, so Dwight wants to find a vaccine. To do that, Charlotte needs something that creates Troubles.

The dancing bear makes a comeback and it makes Audrey wonder if she's real. Nathan says they're in love and nobody can do that.

Audrey has the contagion. That means she's Troubled and they have to either find the person with the contagion or Audrey's Trouble could go off.

Nathan isn't pleased Dwight told Charlotte and doesn't like the direction he's taking with the possible vaccine.

Duke and Mara are trying to get into Dwight's safe when he returns, taking the aether with him.

Vince threatens some dude to try to get the governor to call off the CDC.

Nathan believes it's Pete the doctor causing the epidemic. He starts calculating how many people will be have their Troubles activated by the end of the week -- everyone.

Mara and Duke try to get the aether and when they don't Mara stabs Pete in the neck because Duke waffles on killing him. It forces Duke to kill Pete and absorb his Trouble.

Everyone is alright and Charlotte tells Dwight she'll work with him to stop the Troubles.

Audrey is still sick.

Mara tells Duke she didn't manipulate Duke to kill like Audrey did when she needed someone him to kill someone. She has blood on her hands, as well. She can help him and he can trust her.

Vince finds out that there were no CDC personnel in Haven to call out. Charlotte is a fraud.


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  • Nathan: Hey, Audrey's not gonna want so stick around, so keep an eye on her, will you?
    Gloria: Two eyes, 'cause you guys are cute together.
  • Audrey: So it's a race, stop the contagion, and find the Troubled person causing it before all the Troubles go off.
    Nathan: Just another day in Haven.
    Audrey: Hey, what else are we going to do?
  • Vince: What's wrong?
    Mr. Simon: I suggested to the Governor he order the CDC out of Haven.
    Vince: Did he refuse?
    Mr. Simon: [shakes head] No.
    Vince: Then I'm struggling to see what the problem is.
    Mr. Simon: The CDC denies having any personnel in Haven.


  • This episode took place on the same day as "Morbidity".