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Much Ado About Mara
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Season 5
Episode 4
Premiere date October 2, 2014
Written by Speed Weed & Shernold Edwards
Directed by TW Peacocke
Previous episode Spotlight
Next episode The Old Switcheroo: Part 1
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"Much Ado About Mara" is the 56th episode of Haven and the fourth episode of Season 5.


With Dwight now leading The Guard, Nathan and him come to a crossroads over what to do about Mara. Dwight wants her to end the troubles-at any cost-but Nathan is convinced that Audrey’s still in there.


Mara and Duke manage to convince Dwight and The Guard that they have to release a Trouble from Duke or else he will die. Mara notes that Nathan isn't back with the journal yet, but Duke ought to have read it. Does he know any minor Troubles his ancestors eliminated? He thinks and declares the Trouble of the Scoville family. She tells him to keep it in his mind and reaches for his chest. She briefly reverts to Audrey and tells him this isn't his fault. He tries to ask her what she means, but she reverts to Mara, who has no memory of what just happened, then touches his chest. He sheds tears of blood, but it passes. Now, whenever Duke tries to talk, it comes out as gibberish. Now that Duke's life is safe for the moment, The Guard wants to execute Mara for creating The Troubles, but Dwight cuffs her and says they need to force her to take The Troubles away. Nathan hides nearby and spies on the whole thing.

Dave is released from the hospital and he and Vince return to the Haven Herald. Vince yells at him for keeping all these secrets like him being from the other world. Dave argues that he was justified and the brothers end up childishly throwing popcorn at each other. Vince says he's bringing in a specialist to figure out what happened to the missing time they all experienced in the cave under the lighthouse.

Dwight drags Mara into the cabin alone. He asks her why she created the Troubles and caused so much pain and suffering, but she shrugs and says it's no different from an ordinary person pulling the wings off a dragonfly or setting a cat on fire just because he can. She boasts that humans are less than insects to her. Annoyed, he reminds her that he's the only thing stopping The Guard from killing her. While completely unimpressed and unconcerned, she relents and volunteers to cure one person's Trouble.

Duke goes to Jody, who is wrapped up in blankets to keep the light away from her and prevent her lasers from firing, but very weak and sick as a result. He can't communicate with her because of his new Trouble, and she understands what happened. She confides that her husband Gavin didn't abandon the family. What really happened was their family was strapped for cash. Gavin, a former thief like herself, decided to do one last job. She warned him that it was too risky, but he went anyway and got himself killed. She blames herself for not convincing him not to go. Duke sadly walks away, but Nathan grabs him and drags him into a hiding place. He found the Crocker journal. He warns that treating Mara harshly only makes her stronger and they have to treat her like Audrey to restore her.

Dwight steps out and tells Jody she should be the one to get cured first. She agrees since her Trouble is so dangerous. Nathan and Duke sneak into the cabin and try to free Mara, but she taunts Nathan about the kiss Audrey and Duke once shared. Nathan gets pissed. Duke tries to explain himself by writing on a piece of paper, but to his frustration, even the writing comes out as gibberish. Unfortunately, they wasted too much time and they get caught by The Guard. Nathan desperately explains how to restore Audrey, but Dwight orders Nathan and Duke to be dragged away.

Mara examines Jody and then touches the back of her neck. Jody doesn't feel sick anymore, and when she removes her blanket and steps into the light, nothing happens. Dwight orders a Guard member named Deb to drive Jody home. Another member named Mitchell tries to call Jody's daughter to tell her that her mother is returning, but has no signal. Nathan and Duke are chained up at a woodshed. Nathan asks Duke if he slept with Audrey, but he can't give a coherent answer. Suddenly, dead birds start falling out of the sky.

Dwight orders Mara to cure everybody in Haven and he'll go last. She says his nobility disgusts her and she will only do it if she gets something in return. He says she's in no position to make demands. Mitchell comes in and shows Dwight the dead birds, and Mara is amused.

Nathan reads the journal. In 1954, Andrew Scoville noticed something was wrong with a ship and tried to warn them, but failed and the ship crashed. His guilt caused his gibberish Trouble to manifest. Duke finally starts talking normally and explains that he had been feeling guilty because he felt he should have talked to Jennifer more and prevented her from entering the cave, but now he knows nothing would have stopped her from trying to save Haven. He then clarifies that he didn't sleep with Audrey.

Mitchell shows Dwight that the water in a barrel is boiling and a metal rake is curling up. A Guard member's eyes turn white with cataracts and he screams that he's gone blind.

Duke remembers Audrey telling him it wasn't his fault, and realizes she knew about the Trouble and was trying to help him solve it. He finds a paperclip inside the journal and uses it to pick their chains. Before they can do anything else, Dwight and The Guard show up. They think Duke is the one causing the strange incidents and want to drive him away. Nathan repeats his demands that they treat Mara like Audrey to restore her, but Dwight says even if that was true, Mara is the only one who knows how to cure The Troubles. Duke says he can't be the one causing the strange incidents because he was dealing with the gibberish Trouble. More dead birds fall out of the sky, and Duke tells everyone they have to work together.

Maddie, the psychologist Vince called in, who is nicknamed the Iron Maiden, arrives. She tries to question the brothers, but they childishly bicker. Annoyed, she says she'll work with them one at a time. She tells Vince to take a walk while she works with Dave.

Nathan and Duke start asking each Guard member what their Trouble is in an effort to find out what is causing this. One member named Rhett confesses that he has no Trouble, but joined because he thought he could pick up chicks. Suddenly, Rhett clutches his stomach and screams in agony, then dies, his eyes white with cararacts.

Maddie hypnotizes Dave. He starts scratching at a wound on his leg, and she tells him to relax. He has a vision of the POV of a creature stalking through the forest and attacking a deer.

Duke questions Mara in the cabin alone, asking if she activated a second Trouble within him when she activated his gibberish Trouble. She simply mocks him as a fool for not being smart enough to figure it out. Outside, a fuel tank explodes. Dwight examines the dead birds and finds it is as if they were cooked. Mitchell says nobody has any reception, and it started right after Jody left. Dwight figures out what is going on and tells everybody to get in their vehicles and roll up the windows ASAP. Mara hears Dwight yelling and comments that he's smarter than she thought. A potted plant in the cabin suddenly wilts, and Duke says he's figured it out too.

Inside Dwight's car, he explains to Nathan that what is destroying everything is concentrated microwaves. The one Guard member went blind because his eyes got cooked and Rhett's internal organs got cooked. They should be safe inside their vehicles because microwaves cannot penetrate glass.

Duke deduces that Mara did not remove Jody's Trouble. Instead, she altered it so that instead of absorbing and releasing visible light, she does the same with microwaves. This is why Jody started feeling better, because unlike visible light, microwaves are everywhere. While ambient microwaves are usually weak and harmless, she is releasing concentrated invisible beams. The destruction and death seems random because whatever was affected entered the path of her beams. Mara admits this, and explains she secretly used the black bead in her jacket to leave a hand print on Jody, hoping she would inadvertently kill them all.

Duke rejoins the others and they figure Jody is still in the area. Duke drives down the road and finds Deb's crashed car. Inside, Jody says Deb suddenly slumped over dead and they crashed. Her leg is broken. He explains what happened and says her husband's death was not her fault. He made his choice. Once she accepts this, he tentatively approaches her and finds it is now safe.

Maddie brings Dave out of his trance and nervously says she got no results. She tells him to go home and get his leg looked at. Once he leaves, she calls Vince and tells him to come back ASAP; it is very important. Suddenly, an unseen creature lunges at her and she screams.

Duke brings Jody back and says her Trouble is now under control. Nathan tells Dwight that Mara will never help them, so they should restore Audrey instead. Dwight enters the cabin and confronts her about tricking them. She says she's disappointed that he figured out her plan and survived, then says she wishes she was there when his daughter Lizzie died... so she could laugh and mock him for being a failure of a father. Enraged, he pins her down and tries to strangle her, but she laughs and tells him to kill her. He relents and says he wishes she were Audrey again. That time she entered The Barn in "Thanks For The Memories" was one of the bravest and most selfless acts ever. She is a true hero. She reverts to Audrey and says she's sorry for everything Mara has said and done. He is stunned.

Dwight steps out and tells the others that he finally believes them that Audrey still exists. Duke figures that since Mara had all of Audrey's memories, she may have all of Mara's memories, including how to really cure The Troubles. They just have to figure out how to help Audrey take control permanently.

When Vince arrives, Maddie thinks it is the beginning of the day and their session is about to start. Dave walks in and thinks the same. Vince realizes their short term memories have been erased and convinces Maddie of this by having her check her phone. Hoping to find a clue, they look in her notebook. They find on the last page, in huge letters, "CROATOAN". They have no idea what that means.

The guys try to figure out what made Audrey resurface during her conversation with Dwight, and conclude it was when he talked about her being a hero who helped Troubled people. Nathan, Duke, and helping Troubled people are the three greatest loves of her life. Now they have a plan. Nathan says he's not mad at Duke for kissing Audrey that one time. They turn to Dwight, and he awkwardly says he doesn't have any feelings for her, he just sees her as a valuable friend and ally.

Nathan, Duke, and Dwight enter the cabin and cheerfully greet Mara as Audrey, then start reminiscing about all the good times and crazy adventures they have shared. Mara tells them to cut it out; how many times does she have to tell them Audrey is dead? They don't give up, say they believe in her, unchain her, and Nathan gives her a hug. She reverts to Audrey. She warns them that, unfortunately, she doesn't have Mara's memories. She only knows what Mara is thinking at the moment. That was how she knew about the gibberish Trouble. Even more bad news: Mara has no idea how to get rid of The Troubles, she can only give or alter Troubles. She reverts to Mara. She tells them she is now aware that Audrey still exists, then declares she will kill her.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Brent Robertson as Rhett
  • Adam Smith as Tall Guardsmen
  • Becca Babcock as Guard Deb



  • Dave: Well, at least I know there's no "e" in "grammar."
    Vince: At least I'm not the one who printed the worst dangling participle in the history of our newspaper.
    Dave: Of what is it you are speaking?
    Vince: The boy collided with a telephone pole running down the street.
    David: No one's gong to think a telephone pole was running down the street.
    Vince: In Haven, they might. Oh, thank god Strunk and White don't read the Herald.
    Dave: Strunk and White can funk my Wagnalls.
  • Dwight: Why?
    Mara: Why? Why what? Why? Oh, the Troubles. Right. Why not? Did you ever pull the wings off of a dragonfly or... set fire to your cats fur so you could see what it smells like?
    Dwight: Setting fires, torturing animals--you wet the bed, too?
    Mara: You're less than insects to me.
  • Nathan: If you didn't think you had a Trouble, why'd you join the Guard?
    Rhett: To meet chicks.
    Duke: Guys have done stranger things to get laid.


  • The title references the William Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing.
  • Croatoan is a reference to the lost colony of Roanoke which disappeared in 1590. It has appeared in other Stephen King work such as Storm of the Century.
  • This is the second episode after "Spotlight" to take place on the same day.