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Nikki Coleman
Season 2
Ability Her negative feelings are channeled as a fast attacking disease at whomever she touches.
Appearance Lockdown
Status Alive
Actor Kristin Booth

Nikki Coleman is a "troubled" person, and is in the police station when it goes into lockdown.


Nikki was hiding from an abusive ex, Hugh Underwood, in Haven, when he found her. She went to the police station seeking help. After a death and multiple "infections" of a mysterious disease, the police station was put under quarantine. Audrey Parker helped Nikki to realize that she was Troubled, that all the poison Hugh heaped on her was manifesting as the mysterious disease. Audrey encouraged Nikki to stand up to Hugh. Nikki did so, refusing to bow to her fear any longer, and she turned his poison back on him, killing him and removing the infection from everyone else.

Nikki Coleman was not her birth name - she changed it in an attempt to keep Hugh from finding her.

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