Haven, Maine Wiki
Season 3
Ability Can resurrect the dead.
Occupation Paramedic
First Appearance Magic Hour: Part 1
Last Appearance Magic Hour: Part 2
Relationships Moira (Sister)
Joseph Brentner (Boyfriend)
Appeared In 2 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Melanie Scrofano

Noelle (b. 1975) is the younger sister of Moira, an emergency medical technician, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


Her trouble first manifested when she was a child, resulting from the trauma of her mother's death. When she was eight years old, she, her sister, and her father were in a car accident. Both her father and sister were killed. Noelle resurrected her sister, but could not risk resurrecting her father, as well. Moira did not know she had been killed.

Later, Noelle's trouble re-manifested after her boyfriend was killed by a car in front of her. She resurrected him. Her sister then came up with the blackmail scam of murder-and-resurrect.

Season 3[]

She is manipulated by her sister to scam people Noelle also has the trouble of bringing people back from the dead at sundown when she touches them. Only one death per day can be negated, or Noelle's ability may fail, and Noelle may die.

Noelle is present when Nathan discovers that Tommy Bowen is the bolt-gun killer. Tommy kills Nathan, and Noelle flees. Tommy shoots her, but she manages to escape. Later Tommy discovers her, wounded, and smothers her. Noelle was then resurrected by her sister. Moira, Noelle, and Noelle's boyfriend leave Haven to start again in a new place.