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Ona was a psychic. She is the sister of Lainey.

Ona Fortuna
Season 5
Ability Resurrection
Appearance One episode
Status Alive
Actor Meredith MacNeill


Not much is known about Ona other than she and her sister were both into the Occult. Her trouble allows her to resurrect people.

In Perditus, it's clear that her trouble only gives them a few days, once they remember how they died, they turn into zombies, going first for the people that remind them the most of their previous life.

She brought back her sister Lainey's husband Herb, as she loved him in secret; his death activated her Trouble. When the resurrected people began to turn into zombies, they came for her. Audrey, Nathan, Dwight and a resurrected Charlotte protected her until Audrey talked to Ona and managed to reverse her Trouble. Charlotte died again before she could turn into a zombie.