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Penny Driscoll
Season 2
Appearance The Tides That Bind
Status Alive
Actor Brenda Bazinet

Penelope "Penny" Driscoll was the wife of Ed Driscoll, and the mother of Hannah Driscoll. She later left Driscoll, and became the wife of Cole Glendower, mother of Leith Glendower, grandmother of Daniel Glendower, and the matriarch of the Glendower clan.


She became afraid of her husband Driscoll's obsession against the Troubles, and as a result had an affair with Cole Glendower, a Troubled man whose affliction leads his family to require water to breathe. Three days after Driscoll discovered the affair, on 12 July 1983, she faked her own death in a car accident and then created a life for herself as "Gwen Glendower," Cole's wife. The only remnant of her previous life as a Driscoll was a note that she had written to her previous husband, but never given to him.

When Leith stole the note and threatened to blackmail Cole with his wife's identity, he was subsequently murdered, and Penny came clean about her past to Audrey Parker. She later used their past relationship to convince Driscoll to rescue five children of the Glendower clan. Penny was last seen watching her husband Cole and the other men of the Glendower clan walking into the ocean, while comforting the other women who had married or mothered boys with the Glendower affliction.


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