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Season 5
Episode 19
Premiere date November 5, 2015
Written by Gabrielle Stanton & Adam Higgs
Directed by Lee Rose
Previous episode Wild Card
Next episode Just Passing Through
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"Perditus" is the 71st episode of Haven and the nineteenth episode of season 5.


Nathan receives otherworldly aid as he tracks down a killer. Duke has a terrifying vision of Haven's future.


Charlotte's body is loaded into Haven's newest version of a mortuary van, an ice cream truck. Gloria says that Charlotte was stabbed 15 times. Audrey is very upset. She barely got to know her mother.

Dave and Vince are trying to count the number of people whose memories Croatoan altered. Dwight runs in. He wants to put Croatoan down now. Audrey wants to help him, and to do it, Dave has to have another vision.

Duke is still in the middle of a field with guy who is giving him more riddles than answers about Haven. The guy talks about the Crocker history. All of the colonists of Roanoke we're actually troubled. Croatoan was supposed to come and collect the Troubles and return to the void, but he couldn't. He wasn't strong enough to escape the void, so he created the first Crocker to do it. He did it by killing every human being in Roanoke.

Dave has absolutely no desire to trigger another vision, even if he's rip roaring drunk when he does it. He does, however, agree to do it. Just because he wants to find Croatoan and kill him himself. Vince says he'll help Dave find Croatoan.

The guy talking to Duke starts to get up and walk away but Duke grabs him and says that can't be all. The man reaches back and says it isn't and touches Dukes head. Duke is suddenly in a weird world, one in which he is back in Haven.

Nathan, meanwhile, is with the Tarot reader's sister, who has been squatting at the police station. She tried to reach Charlotte in the afterlife. She says she thinks Charlotte must have crossed over because she can't reach her. A man comes over and introduces himself as Herb to Nathan. Nathan realizes this is Lainey's husband. Ona breaks the news to Nathan that all of the people he sees before him have been resurrected because her Trouble. She doesn't talk to the dead, she brings them back.

Duke is sent to Haven to see what has become of it since he left. The human eyed crabs are all around. He runs into Vicky, who is drawing on the sidewalk with crayons and says she's trying to put things back the way they were but it never works. She tells him Nathan and Audrey are in the cemetery, dead, with everyone else. Duke asks if everyone is dead. He mentions Dwight, Gloria, Dave and Vince. Vicki says she can take him Vince.

Nathan and Dwight and Audrey chat about bringing Charlotte back courtesy of Ona. Charlotte is back, but her memory takes a little time to catch up. Unfortunately for Audrey and Dwight, it doesn't take as long as it did for others, and she disappears, upset.

Duke talks to Vince and he says that since Croatoan came to Haven it's been a graveyard. Someone screams and Vince tells him it's too late because Croatoan is there. Vince tells him all they can do is die.

Audrey looks for Charlotte at Lanie's place. She finds Herb munching on Lanie. There is definitely a problem with the resurrection Trouble. Nathan finds the trouble in Duke's journal. Same thing happened in the past. As soon as the resurrected person remembers their death, they start to kill and eat the people closest to them.

When Dwight tries to get Charlotte to remember connecting Audrey's father with Croatoan, she balks.

Back at the station all of the resurrected people are now mindless zombies and trying to get to Ona. Audrey and Charlotte are blocking the entrances but she needs help from Dwight and Nathan.

Duke comes back from his vision in Haven and still can't find Seth. He walks over to a tree that is dripping blood. It absorbs into his skin and he turns around and snaps the neck of a man who suddenly behind him. He turns over the body to find himself. His double tells him he is the fulcrum, he will either save his friends or kill them all. Suddenly Seth kicks him and he wakes up. Seth asks if he's okay because he was mumbling in his sleep.

Audrey talks to Ona, telling her she has to let go of everyone. Charlotte comes over and talks to Ona about how it's important to have good memories. The dead break in and suddenly start collapsing, no longer alive. Charlotte tells Audrey about her father. Dwight goes in to talk to her. She tells him she loves him and she dies again, this time in his arms.

Nathan tells Audrey that Charlotte told him they need to go into the void to get the controller crystal for the barn, but there's no way to open a thinnie with the shroud surrounding the town.

Dwight comes out and says she told him how she died.

Seth comes out of a convenience store talking only to find Duke in another car. He says he's going back to Haven. Seth says he wants to go but Duke tells him no. Seth forgets about him as soon as Duke drives away.

Dave and Vince find Charlotte's bag in the Herald's office under a desk. Audrey, Dwight, and Nathan burst in, saying Dave killed Charlotte.


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Featured music[]

  • "Be The Song" by Foy Vance


  • Nathan: Is he gonna be ok?
    Audrey: He's taking it hard. He's blaming himself.
    Nathan: And you?
    Audrey: Me? My recently resurrected interdimensional mother has partial amnesia and ran away. I'm fine.
  • Vince: [navigating with the tracker] Uh-huh. We've got the bread crumbs. They should lead us right through Charlotte's schoolbag.
    Dave: And her killer.
    Vince: Cold feet? What happened to the liquid courage?
    Dave: Should have brought some with me.
    Vince: Go back Dave let me do this.
    Dave: This is my fight more than anyone's. Besides, when we do find him, can't let you hog the spotlight.
    Vince: Perish the thought. All right. Together then, [both men shake hands] until the end of all things. Hmm?
  • Duke: Vince? Is that you youngster?
    Vince: Duke Crocker? How?
    Duke: Well, you know I guess I just got homesick.
    Vince: [turns his seat around.] Not much of a home to return to I'm afraid. Croatoan won.
    Duke: Okay, seriously, can somebody please just tell me who that is?
    Vince: It doesn't matter. Nothing does. That game was played and lost. Lost when Nathan went into the void, he never came out. And nothing's been the same since.
    Duke: Vince I need you to tell me everything that happened after I left. Why did Nathan go into the void? [man screams]
    Vince: It's too late. Croatoan's here.
    Duke: So what the hell are we gonna do?
    Vince: The only thing we can do... die.
    Duke: Oh screw that.
  • Charlotte: So you wanna build a barn?
  • Clone Duke: You are the fulcrum Duke. You'll either save your friends or kill them all. [The dream quickly cuts to Duke waking and noticing Seth standing in front of him]
    Seth: You okay? You were mumbling in your sleep.
    Duke: I was?
    Seth: Yeah sounded like a bad nightmare or something. Frankly, I suspect it was the tacos, but then...
    Duke: Oh, I wish it was.
  • Seth: What are you doing? Did you steal that car? Why are you stealing that car?
    Duke: Cause I'm going back to Haven.
    Seth: And the van doesn't go in that direction because?
    Duke: 'Cause I'm going alone.
    Seth: Oh come on man. You know I could just follow you there except the second drive away...
    Duke: You forget all about me and the troubles and Haven and you'll live a full and happy life Seth.
    Seth: Come on Duke don't do this. [Duke starts the engine] Duke. [hesitantly pauses] Okay. [They give each other one last fist pump before going their separate ways]
  • Dave: Why aren't we waiting for reinforcements? [Vince follows the location where the tracker is beeping. They look underneath the desk, only to discover Charlotte's CDC bag.] What?
    Vince: If Croatoan took her bag, why did he put it here.
    Audrey: Because Croatoan didn't take the bag. [The Teagues turn around and realized that Audrey, Nathan and Dwight overheard everything.] Dave did. Dave killed Charlotte.


  • "Perditus" and "Wild Card" both took place on the same day.
  • Perditus is latin for lost.[1]