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Phil Reiser
Season 1
Ability None
Appearance Ball and Chain
Status Deceased
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Philip Reiser was a poacher and a resident of Camden, Maine.


He was the roommate of James Wardell. He had a tattoo specially designed at Funk Parlor Tattoo.

In July of 2010, he had an affair with Helena, and died soon after as a result of rapid-aging. Wardell placed his body in a rowboat in Camden and set the boat adrift. The boat later washed up in a harbor in Haven, where it was found by Dave and Vince Teagues. Reiser's death was subsequently investigated by detectives Nathan Wournos and Audrey Parker. At the time of his death, Resier had warrants out for his arrest. He also had prior convictions for petty larceny and poaching.

Reiser's name was later found at the top of a list under the heading "Citizens killed by the cursed" that was discovered by Duke Crocker in the office of Ed Driscoll.