Haven, Maine Wiki
Piper Taylor
Season 1
Ability Resurrection
Appearance Fur
Status Deceased
Actor Fiona Reid

Piper Taylor (d. 13 Aug 2010) was the mother of Landon Taylor, the grandmother of Zack Taylor, and a resident of Haven, Maine. She worked at her son's dry-cleaning business.


Piper died some time in the past (possibly during the Troubles), and her corpse was taxidermically stuffed by her father, bringing her back to life.

In 2010, she gave sewing rags to her son for him to stuff the animals that were killed by members of the Haven Hunt Club. When Landon suffocated to death in a house fire in February of 2010, Piper used her sewing rags to stuff him, bringing him back to life in the process. In August of 2010, the animals that Landon stuffed with Piper's rags also began to return from the dead, attacking and killing the hunters who had killed them.

She returned to the Hunt Club in order to let the wolf that her son hunted kill her so that no more of the animals that Landon stuffed would be revived.