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Ray McBreen
Ray McBreen.jpg
Season 1
Ability Psychological Alteration
Appearance Harmony
Status Alive
Actor Lyriq Bent

Raymond McBreen is the husband of Lilly McBreen, and a resident of Haven, Maine. He is the owner of the Caprice, a boat once abandoned by his grandfather.


Ray is a musician capable of altering the psychological states of the people around him by playing music. He used this ability to draw his wife out of her catatonic state, resulting in other several instances of psychotic behavior in other people, including Dr. Lucassi and detective Nathan Wournos.

Ray's ability was a family trait. His grandfather had warned him to stay away from music, but Ray did not know the reason why.

He was later kidnapped by a psychotic Lucassi, who took McBreen back to the Murray Q. Frederickson Psychiatric Facility in order to perform brain surgery on him. Ray was rescued by Wuornos and Audrey Parker, who shocked Lucassi with a defibrilator.

He and his wife later set sail from Haven on the the Caprice with fellow patients Howard Sperry and William.

Years later, when Audrey ended the Troubles, Ray's wife will have returned to her erratic state, being a rare case of the Troubles ending being a bad thing, for Ray in particular.