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Rebecca Rafferty
Season 4, 5
Ability N/A
Occupation Police officer
First Appearance Fallout
Last Appearance New World Order
Relationships Dylan Rafferty (son)
Appeared In 11 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Kirsty Hinchcliffe

Rebecca Rafferty is the mother of Dylan Rafferty, and a police officer with the Haven Police Department.


Rebecca is shown to be one of the few in Haven P.D. to be aware of the Troubles, and as a result is a more frequent confidant for Nathan Wuornos and Audrey Parker.

Her first appearance wasn't until six months after the Hunter Meteor Storm, where she reacted positively to Nathan's return to Haven, indicating she did not blame him for the Troubles not ending.

Initially, when Audrey returned as Lexie, Rebecca believed that Audrey was suffering from amnesia. She would help Audrey and Nathan with cases in minor ways for the next while, but after the incident in the Lighthouse where Mara returned, Rebecca began to openly distrust Audrey, never truly believing that Audrey was who she said she was.

Around this time, she was revealed to have once been sexually active with Duke Crocker in the past.

During the mass outbreak in Haven caused by Pete Pelak's Trouble, Rebbeca and Stan were placed in charge of a road blockage preventing traffic from entering the town, and Audrey attempted to enter, but was blocked by Rebecca, who accused her of always getting special treatment. Nathan then arrived and ordered Rebecca to let Audrey through.

After Duke's Trouble-Bomb exploded and Haven was sent into chaos, Rebecca remained one of the few police officers who knew what was happening, and she was in a visible panic while Chief Dwight Hendrickson attempted to rein in the situation. After Dwight dissolved the Haven P.D. and announced that the Guard was taking over, Rebecca joined the Guard and acted as an information broker; she assisted Nathan over the phone when Tarot Cards were affecting people across town.


Season 4[]

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