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Reggie was a citizen of Haven, Maine and a member of The Guard.

Season Season 5
Ability Unknown
Appearance 2 Episodes
Status Deceased
Actor Dylan Taylor


Reggie was a violent member of the Guard, and was considered to be creepy even by people unaware of the Troubles, such as Amy Potter. He especially hated Nathan Wuornos, mainly due to his having shot Byron Howard and prevented the Troubles from going away for 27 years.

When Amy Potter's Trouble was affecting people, making them invisible and intangible while leaving a shadow behind, Reggie was one of the later victims. Shortly before him, Nathan Wuornos had been affected as well. Whilst invisible, Reggie, like most of the others, believed himself to be dead, and lingered around the Guard's headquarters.

Eventually, Nathan, suspecting Reggie to be killing other invisible people, went to the Guard HQ to find Reggie, alongside an ally he had made, Morgan Gardener. Reggie engaged both of them, still hating Nathan passionately, but before he could kill him, Morgan shot Reggie in the back several times, killing him.