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Richard Brody
Richard Brody.jpg
Season 2
Ability Everybody loves him
Appearance Sparks and Recreation
Status Deceased
Actor Peter MacNeill

Richard Brody was the father of Chris Brody, the husband of Felicia Brody, and the mayor of Haven, Maine.


Richard and his first wife had Chris together before they broke up and he married his second wife, Felicia Brody. He later began cheating on Felicia with Lori Fulcher and they would meet in his study.

After a wolf attack killed T. R. Holt in July of 2010, he encouraged Police Chief Garland Wuornos to implement a curfew.

Richard attended a Little League baseball game between the East Haven Sea Dogs and the West Haven Cutters, opening the game by throwing out the first pitch. Once done, he returns to his seat, but later intervenes when the umpire make a bad call and get the crowd rowdy so the umpire can change his call. Richard is forced to flee the scene when a freak electrical storms begins.

Richard approaches Nathan Wuornos in the hospital and asks what happened, as well as convincing Nathan to speak in public. As the press conference is happening, Richard touches the microphone and is electrified and killed, at which time his Trouble passes on to his son.