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Roslyn Toomey is the mother of Wesley Toomey, the proprietor of the Altair Bay Inn (which she inherited from her father), and a resident of Haven, Maine.

She lost her leg in a boating accident in 2006, and had it replaced with a prosthetic one. She was later abducted by the Bolt-Gun Killer in 2011, and killed. The killer skinned her body and wore her skin to pose as a prisoner, in the hopes of obtaining information from another prisoner, Audrey Parker; however, when the killer realized Audrey did not know any of the desired information, Roslyn's skinless corpse was thrown into a fire outside.

Her abduction and murder had triggered her son Wesley's Trouble, Wesley believing that Roslyn was abducted by aliens.

Medical Examiner Rudy Lucassi discovered weeks later that Roslyn had been dead for hours while Audrey was supposedly speaking to her while being held captive.

Her relation, if any, to Derry bartender Fred Toomey is, as yet, unknown.