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Roy Crocker
Roy Crocker.jpg
Season 3
Ability Crocker Family Trouble
Appearance Sarah
Status Deceased (shot and killed by Sarah Vernon)
Actor Vincent Montuel

Roy "Junior" Crocker (b. 1920; d. 16 Aug 1955) was the father of Simon Crocker, the grandfather of Wade and Duke Crocker, the great-grandfather of Jean Mitchell, and a resident of Haven, Maine. Roy was killed by Sarah Vernon.

He worked as a bartender at the Haven Shore Club. Based on his nickname, it is likely that his father was named Roy Crocker, Sr.


In Sarah, he is working as a bartender at what would be eventually become the Grey Gull. Duke Crocker walks in who trades him a golden doubloon for all the money in his pocket. A fight breaks out in his bar and he is nearly killed when Duke Crocker saves him. In return, Roy bails Duke out of jail.

Roy had been in fact carrying on the Crocker Family Tradition of killing Troubled people; one of the many Troubles he had ended included the Barrow Trouble. However, he hated having to do it, and only did so because he was egged on by certain members of society, and for his family's safety.

After being bailed out of jail, Duke tries to convince Roy to leave Haven with his family, and Roy decides to take him up on his idea. However, he then discovers Duke's version of the Crocker Family Journal, and Roy changes his mind. He learns who Duke is and finds his own obituary in the journal, saying that Sarah Vernon killed him that very day. Roy sets out to kill Sarah and safeguard his own future, but Sarah kills him first in self-defense. Roy dies after telling Duke that they cannot escape their destiny.