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Saul Goodwin was a citizen of Haven, Maine before he left and became a successful businessman.

Saul Goodwin
Saul Goodwin.jpg
Season Season 5
Ability None
Appearance Just Passing Through
Status Alive
Actor Sean Skerry (adult), Aidan McLaughlin (child)


As a child, Saul was known to be carrying a camera with him at all times, and could often be found in Haven P.D. When Nathan Wuornos traveled back in time, Saul mentioned that a boy named Duke Crocker had stolen his camera. Nathan, knowing Duke full well, told Saul about Duke's hiding spot near the beach, also asking him to deliver a letter to Duke over 30 years later, likely convincing him that it was FBI business. Hours later, after Saul had retrieved his camera, he walked onto the recent scene of James Cogan's murder. He snapped a photo of the scene that would later become the notorious Colorado Kid Murder Photo.

After leaving Haven, Saul kept tabs on Duke's whereabouts, as he had promised Nathan that he would, and finally, on the date that he was to give the letter to Duke, he sent his bodyguards to seize him in his motel room. Duke was detained long enough for Saul to arrive in his helicopter and finally deliver the letter; however, Haven's shroud of fog was up at the time, so Saul could not remember why he was giving the letter to Duke. Despite Saul not remembering, Duke apologized for stealing his camera all those years ago.