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The first season of Haven premiered July 9, 2010 on Syfy airing on Friday nights at 10pm. This season contained 13 episodes.


FBI agent Audrey Parker is sent to Haven to track down an escaped prisoner, Jonas Lester. In town she meets Nathan Wuornos, a cop who can't feel pain, and Duke Crocker, a local smuggler. While researching the case, Audrey finds that strange things happen in the small town. It soon comes to Audrey's attention that there was a woman that looked like her living in Haven during the 1980s. Not only that, but the Troubles have returned. Determined to find out the truth of her past, Audrey decides to stay in Haven and joins the local police. As a police officer, Audrey helps the "Troubled" people of Haven. She finally gets a name for the woman in the picture: Lucy Ripley.

During her time in Haven, Audrey becomes better friends with Nathan and Duke, but their troubles don't stop there. Duke is told how he will die. Nathan tries to have a relationship, but it ends because of the Troubles. Audrey soon discovers the origins of Lucy. Then they figure out that the chief has been physically holding the town together, and can't hold it any longer. Some things will never be the same.

Episode guide[]

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Haven 101.jpg Welcome to Haven Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn Adam Kane 7/9/10 1.01
FBI Agent Audrey Parker travels to the town called Haven to investigate the death of Jonas Lester. She soon discovers that his death is the tip of the iceberg for supernatural phenomena, including someone whose moods appear to affect the weather.
Haven 102.jpg Butterfly Ann Hamilton Tim Southam 07/16/10 1.02
Audrey remains in Haven to investigate her mother's connection to the Colorado Kid, but ends up investigating the destruction of a bar and a series of incidents targeting her and others.
Haven 103.jpg Harmony Matt McGuinness Rachel Talalay 07/23/10 1.03
As Audrey settles into her new job as police officer in Haven, she and Nathan investigate an upheaval at the local psychiatric hospital involving something that causes the mad to become sane and vice versa. Audrey gets her first clue to the woman in the picture of the Colorado Kid. Her name might have been Lucy.
Haven 104.jpg Consumed Ann Hamilton Rachel Talalay 07/30/10 1.04
Audrey investigates strange phenomena involving the food served at a local restaurant, Second Chance. She also begins to investigate her family origins after seeing a photo in the local paper that could be her mother.
Haven 105.jpg Ball and Chain Nikki Toscano Tim Southam 08/06/10 1.05
Audrey and Nathan investigate a series of deaths involving accelerated aging. Duke asks Audrey out to dinner on Friday, but she cancels on him. Duke is one of the victims and almost dies. Duke and Audrey get their dinner at last.
Haven 106.jpg Fur Jim Dunn Keith Samples 08/13/10 1.06
Audrey and Nathan investigate a series of deaths involving serial killings that appear to be committed by animals.
Haven 107.jpg Sketchy Matt McGuinness T. W. Peacocke 08/20/10 1.07
Audrey and Nathan investigate a series of unusual assaults on people. And the waitress Vickie might be involved.
Aint no sunshine.jpg Ain't No Sunshine Sam Ernst Ken Girotti 08/27/10 1.08
Audrey and Nathan investigate a series of attacks committed by the Dark Man. Nathan is nervous about telling Jess that he can't feel any part of his body.
Haven 109.jpg As You Were Jose Molina Rob Lieberman 09/10/10 1.09
Audrey's friends throw her a surprise birthday party at a local island hotel. When the party is crashed by a shapeshifter, however, no one is sure who they can trust.
Haven 110.jpg The Hand You're Dealt Jim Dunn Rick Rosenthal 09/17/10 1.10
Gruesome deaths involving fire are occurring and Duke's old babysitter may be the key to the answer. Meanwhile, evidence is uncovered about the involvement of a secret society of conspirators during the troubles.
Haven 111.jpg The Trial of Audrey Parker Jose Molina & Sam Ernst,
story by Charles Ardai
Lee Rose 09/24/10 1.11
Audrey's boss in the FBI comes to Haven to evaluate Audrey's work and lack of reports. Complications arise when hijackers with mysterious insights lock in everyone on Duke's boat including Audrey and her boss and head out to sea. Meanwhile, Nathan's father tries to reconnect.
Haven 112.jpg Resurfacing Charles Ardai Mike Rohl 10/01/10 1.12
When the wreckage of a small vessel washes up on shore, a mysterious force begins attacking visitors to one sailor's family, prompting an investigation. In the process, Audrey uncovers a secret of her origins and what became of Lucy. Meanwhile, a crooked deal puts Duke's life on the line.
Haven 113.jpg Spiral Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn Fred Gerber 10/08/10 1.13
Haven's secrets come to light. Audrey grapples with a shocking revelation about herself as a mysterious criminal returns to town. A mysterious past comes back to haunt Nathan and the Chief.

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