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The second season of Haven premiered on July 15, 2011. The season had a run of 12 episodes followed by a Christmas episode that was outside of the show's standard timeline.


Following the death of the chief, the Biblical Plagues of Egypt fall upon the town. Meanwhile, Audrey and Nathan deal with a brunette woman claiming to be Audrey Parker who has appeared at the same time that Evidence Ryan, Duke Crocker's wife, returns to Haven. After the Plagues are averted, Nathan discovers that the town's religious fanatic, Reverend Driscoll, is starting a war.

Nathan steps up to fill the position of Interim Chief of Police, while Audrey deals with the possibility that she may, in fact, be Lucy Ripley. Duke continues to look for a way to save himself from the tattooed man destined to kill him. Audrey becomes involved with Troubled marine biologist Chris Brody, son of the late mayor. Nathan begins to team up with Dwight Hendrickson, his father's right hand man. Audrey and Nathan struggle to keep the peace, as Driscoll begins making his move against the Troubled. Duke discovers a secret from his past. Audrey finally gets some more information on herself thanks to Nathan, but everything is about to change and Haven will never be the same.


Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Haven 201.jpg A Tale of Two Audreys Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn T. W. Peacocke 07/15/11 2.01
Audrey meets a woman who claims to be her and Nathan takes the lead at the department. At the same time the ten plagues of Exodus are visited on the people of Haven, and the death of the firstborn sons is only averted through a children's story.
Haven 202.jpg Fear & Loathing Gabrielle Stanton Rob Lieberman 07/22/11 2.02
The residents of Haven have their worst fears come to life while Nathan's "trouble" seems to vanish, and a children's puzzle that could destroy Haven is stolen.
Haven 203.jpg Love Machine Matt McGuinness,
Nora Zuckerman,
& Lilla Zuckerman
T. W. Peacocke 07/29/11 2.03
Equipment at the docks begins attacking the people of Haven while Audrey #2 investigates the mystery of Audrey's identity.
Haven 204.jpg Sparks and Recreation Jonathan Abrahams Lynne Stopkewich 08/05/11 2.04
Electrocutions occur across town and one such event kills Haven's extremely likable mayor. Audrey and Nathan meet a man who is skilled at keeping Haven's secret under wraps. Duke and Evi find a small empty box after Duke reluctantly accepts his ex-wife's help in finding a way to protect himself from the tattooed man.
Haven 205.jpg Roots Jim Dunn Tim Southam 08/05/11 2.05
A wedding at an isolated estate becomes a lethal trap for everyone in attendance - including Audrey, Chris, Duke, and Evi while something outside threatens to kill them all. Proceedings turn deadly for the guests when the body of the host is found.
Haven 206.jpg Audrey Parker's Day Off Nora Zuckerman & Lilla Zuckerman Fred Gerber 08/19/11 2.06
When Audrey wakes up on her day off, her day starts off good, until someone dies. Then the day gets restarted over and over again, and Audrey is forced to watch everyone she loves die. Audrey sets out to figure out how to stop this day once and for all.
Hacen 207.jpg The Tides That Bind Gabrielle G. Stanton Paolo Barzman 08/26/11 2.07
While investigating a recent drowning, Audrey and Nathan come across an enigmatic and a dangerous community located on the outskirts of Haven, where children are mysteriously disappearing and a dark secret is being protected.
Haven 207.jpg Friend or Faux Sam Ernst Stephen Reynolds 09/02/11 2.08
Violent crimes are traced back to a mild-mannered banker, who seems to have spawned a darker, unhinged copy of himself who is bent on doing things the original won't do for himself. While trying to determine the copy's ultimate mission, Audrey, Nathan, and Duke step into a deadly trap.
Haven 209.jpg Lockdown Nora Zuckerman & Lilla Zuckerman Jason Priestley 09/09/11 2.09
A terrifying infection takes down a police officer at the Haven police station, prompting a lockdown that locks in Audrey and Nathan, who suspect that something other than an outbreak is at play.
Haven 210.jpg Who, What, Where, Wendigo? Jonathan Abrahams Lee Rose 09/16/11 2.10
A local teen goes missing in Haven's woods while a murderer is on the loose, and the search party finds evidence to support the existence of a supernatural creature in the forest.
Haven 211.jpg Business As Usual Matt McGuinness & Gabrielle Stanton Shawn Piller 09/23/11 2.11
Audrey and Nathan investigate murders in which the victims were mummified; a secret from Duke's past may affect his future.
Haven 212.jpg Sins of the Fathers Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn Lee Rose 09/30/11 2.12
The dead visit the living to resolve unfinished matters, and the Reverend resurfaces to launch his endgame in the Season 2 finale.
Haven 213.jpg Silent Night Brian Millikin Shawn Piller 12/06/11 2.13

Everyone in Haven thinks it's Christmas, even though it's July. No one seems to notice that it's the wrong time of year except for Audrey Parker. She has to work to try and set things right, especially when people start disappearing into thin air.

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