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Season 5 of Haven was announced by Syfy on January 28, 2014. The fifth and final season contained 26 episodes, instead of the usual 13 episode seasons Haven has had in the past. The season was split into 2 parts aired over two years. Part 1 premiered September 11, 2014 on Syfy. Part 2 premiered on October 8, 2015 on Syfy. On August 18, Syfy had announced that Haven will not return for a sixth season.


Haven finds the town's protectors caught up in the shocking aftermath of the season four finale. With Duke fighting to contain the Troubles within him, Nathan faces his greatest fear that Audrey – the woman he's fought so desperately to save – may be gone forever. The stakes are raised as Audrey's “original” persona Mara proceeds to unleash a wave of chaos on Haven.

The town of Haven has been cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious fog - and hometown heroes Audrey, Nathan and Duke are faced with challenges unlike any they've experienced before. As events in Haven sprints towards a cataclysmic showdown, tensions rise, allegiances shift and - in a harrowing closing chapter - the mystery of "Croatoan" is finally revealed.

Episodes (2014-2015)[]

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Haven 501.png See No Evil Matt McGuinness & Gabrielle Stanton Shawn Piller 09/11/14 5.01
Audrey, Nathan and Duke's victory over William feels hollow as they deal with the aftermath of Duke on death's door. Mara is in control of Audrey's body and a strange Trouble supernaturally silencing citizens around town.
Haven 502.jpg Speak No Evil Matt McGuinness & Gabrielle Stanton Shawn Piller 9/18/14 5.02
Duke struggles to accept Jennifer's death. Nathan searches for Audrey in Mara's cruel personality.
Haven 503.jpg Spotlight Speed Weed & Shernold Edwards TW Peacocke 9/25/14 5.03
Dwight and Duke deal with a deadly trouble that threatens to burn the town to the ground.
Haven 504.jpg Much Ado About Mara Speed Weed & Shernold Edwards TW Peacocke 10/2/14 5.04
With Dwight now leading The Guard, he and Nathan come to a crossroads over what to do about Mara. Dwight wants her to end the troubles-at any cost-but Nathan is convinced that Audrey's still in there.
Haven 505.jpg The Old Switcheroo: Part 1 Cindy McCreery & Scott Shepherd Jeff Renfroe 10/10/14 5.05
Vince and Dave journey to North Carolina to investigate the mysteries of Dave's past, but their probing unearths a body swapping trouble that hamstrings their hunt-and affects the people back in Haven.
Haven 506.jpg The Old Switcheroo: Part 2 Cindy McCreery & Scott Shepherd Jeff Renfroe 10/17/14 5.06
Mara capitalises on the fallout from the latest trouble, forcing Nathan and Duke to make a desperate and dangerous gamble to get Audrey back before they lose her forever.
Haven 507.jpg Nowhere Man Brian Millikin Rob Lieberman 10/24/14 5.07
A paranormal trouble tears Audrey and Nathan apart just after they were reunited.
Haven-season-5-Kris-Lemche-syfy.jpg Exposure Nick Parker Rob Lieberman 10/31/14 5.08
Audrey must call in outside help as she is no longer immune to the troubles.
Nathanandteddybear.jpg Morbidity Speed Weed Rick Bota 11/7/14 5.09
When Audrey and dozens of Haven citizens are affected by a mysterious illness, the symptoms threaten to expose Haven's secrets to a dangerous newcomer.
1416332994-s05 e0510 01 141565443667.jpg Mortality Adam Higgs Rick Bota 11/14/14 5.10
Haven's heroes are torn over how to deal with an inquisitive CDC scientist, who could expose the secret of the troubles to the world, but may be hiding her own dark agenda.
Haven 511.jpg Reflections Shernold Edwards Grant Harvey 11/21/14 5.11
Duke's roiling troubles and a new threat to Audrey force them each to seek the help of potentially dangerous allies.
Haven 512.jpg Chemistry Y. Shireen Razack Grant Harvey 11/28/14 5.12
Charlotte makes progress towards developing a cure for the troubles, but it might be too late as Duke's condition takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, realizing their objectives may no longer line up, Haven's heroes must reassess where their true loyalties lie
Haven 513.jpg Chosen Matt McGuinness Shawn Piller 12/5/14 5.13
A shocking revelation threatens to upend the fragile stability of Haven. Mara's endgame is finally revealed, while Audrey and Nathan pursue a plan to stop her once and for all.
Haven 514.jpg New World Order Brian Millikin & Nick Parker Shawn Piller 10/08/2015 5.14

Dwight struggles to keep order when Duke's trouble wreaks havoc around town. Audrey and Charlotte must work together to battle a mysterious fog that is trapping everyone inside Haven.

Power.jpg Power Adam Higgs Rick Bota 10/08/2015 5.15

To calm the terrified public, Nathan assembles a task force on a kamikaze mission to restore power. Meanwhile, Audrey races against the clock as the bodies stack up.

Haven 516.jpg The Trial of Nathan Wuornos Speed Weed Rick Bota 10/15/2015 5.16
When Nathan is put on trial, Dwight and Charlotte must clear his name. The Teagues moderate the trial. Audrey tries to solve the trouble.
Haven 517.jpg Enter Sandman Shernold Edwards Lucas Bryant 10/22/15 5.17
Dwight and Charlotte try to free Audrey from the Sandman's stasis. Duke tries to help Seth recover his memories.
Haven 518.jpg Wild Card Brian Millikin & Nick Parker Lee Rose 10/29/2015 5.18
Audrey and Charlotte work on a new plan. Nathan and Dwight investigate a threat. The Teagues try to identify a serial killer.
Haven 519.jpg Perditus Gabrielle Stanton & Adam Higgs Lee Rose 11/5/2015 5.19
Nathan receives otherwordly aid as he tracks down a killer. Duke receives a terrifying vision of Haven's future.
Haven 520.jpg Just Passing Through Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn Colin Ferguson 11/12/2015 5.20
Nathan and Vince travel back to 1983 to learn how Croatoan found a way to Haven. Duke is apprehended by a mysterious foe.
Haven 521.jpg Close to Home Joshua Brandon Sudz Sutherland 11/19/2015 5.21
Nathan encounters an old adversary in the Void. Audrey and Duke deal with a revenge plot. Dwight and Vince struggle to free Dave from Croatoan's grip.
Haven 522.jpg A Matter of Time Brian Millikin Sudz Sutherland 11/26/2015 5.22
Audrey and Duke search for a way to save Nathan from the Void. Dave must plumb the depths of his own mind in his struggle to free himself from Croatoan's deadly grasp.
Haven 523.jpg Blind Spot Y. Shireen Razack TW Peacocke 12/3/2015 5.23

Plans for building a new barn are complicated when an old trouble brings the Haven Police Station to life. It's up to Audrey and Nathan to find a way to regain control, but their efforts are hampered when a mysterious killer leaves a wake of bodies right under their noses.

Haven 524.jpg The Widening Gyre Nick Parker TW Peacocke 12/10/2015 5.24

Nathan and Dwight race to rescue Audrey from Croatoan, but the consequences of Duke's dark destiny wreak havoc on their plans. Meanwhile, Vince contemplates an unusual sacrifice.

Haven 525.jpg Now Gabrielle Stanton Shawn Piller 12/17/2015 5.25

Hope of ending the troubles begins to fade as the heroes struggle to rebuild the Barn in the face of mounting obstacles. And while Dwight is tempted by a surprise gift, Nathan finds himself considering a devastating sacrifice.

Final episode .jpeg Forever Matt McGuinness Shawn Piller 12/17/2015 5.26

Nathan struggles to return to Haven as Dwight reconsiders his future in the series finale, which also finds Audrey coming to a terrifying decision about how she might finally save the town from Croatoan.

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