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The Second Chance Bistro was a waterfront restaurant owned by three generations of the McShaw family.

After his parents death, Bill McShaw kept the family restaurant running for several years. He eventually convinced his his brother Jeff to come back and help him with the restaurant. They decided to re-open under the name "Second Chance Bistro" with a new menu featuring only local ingredients.

The stress of running the restaurant triggered Bill McShaw's Trouble on the day of the restaurant's grand re-opening. Everything McShaw ate would turn rancid. Not only the dish itself, but even the crops and animals used in the dish. The day of the grand-opening McShaw's Trouble destroyed several the crops and animals of several local suppliers. His Trouble also ruined the grand-opening, turning all of his brother's cooking rancid.

The evening of the disastrous grand re-opening Jeff was murdered by Katarina Hall, who used Bill's Trouble as a cover for poisoning Jeff with sesame seed oil, a product he was highly allergic to.

With his brother dead, and a Trouble triggered by the stress of the restaurant business, Bill sold the the restaurant to Duke Crocker for $20, as a way of keeping it in the family. Crocker changed the name of the restaurant to the The Grey Gull.