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Seth Byrne
Season 4, 5
Ability None
Occupation The Darkside Seekers
First Appearance Shot in the Dark
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Anderson Harris (former partner)
Appeared In 6 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Kris Lemche

Seth Byrne is a television personality, the partner of Anderson Harris, and the host of the paranormal investigation show The Darkside Seekers.


When he was younger, he spent a summer in Haven when he witnessed a man coming out of the sea and grabbing a boy and taking him with him. Seth never saw the man and boy again. Years later, Seth and Anderson create the Darkside Seekers to hunt for the truth behind strange events. Then he hears about murders in Haven where people's hearts are going missing and comes to film it. His initial plan is to expose Haven's secrets to the world, determined to find out what happened that day on the beach. However, after the events that transpire, Seth realizes that the secrets of Haven must remain buried, and chooses not to expose the town, leaving Haven.

Not long after, his partner Anderson became rich and abandoned Seth, who was left to find the answers he desired on his own.

Returning to Haven[]

When people around Haven were disappearing and leaving mere shadows behind, Nathan Wuornos was one of the victims; desperate, Audrey and Duke called Seth back to Haven to use his homemade detection devices that had helped them in his previous visit. He aids them and they manage to get Nathan back and undo the Trouble causing the disappearances. Seth then leaves Haven again.

He afterward went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, just as the wall of fog appeared around Haven; as a result, Seth forgot about Haven and all of the events that occurred there. He came across Duke, who sought the help of anyone who remembered what happened, but Seth did not remember him. Eventually, after being near Duke for a prolonged period of time, Seth began to remember, but it became clear that he could only remember if Duke stayed nearby. He journeyed with Duke for a while to help him find answers, until Duke realized he would have to return to Haven; despite Seth's wishes to go with him, Duke leaves him for his own safety, and Seth forgets once more that he was.

When Audrey ended the Troubles shortly afterward, and the fog wall lifted, Seth remembered Haven and all of its inhabitants and history that he had known before.


Season 4[]

Season 5[]