Haven, Maine Wiki
Season 4
Ability Can give people Troubles and cause paranoia
Occupation None
First Appearance Fallout
Last Appearance The Lighthouse
Relationships Heavy (associate)
William (stranger) (boss)
Appeared In 5 episodes
Status Alive
Actor Kyle Mitchell

The man known as "Sinister" is an associate of the man known as "Heavy," and is in some way related to the Barn.

Season 4[]

Audrey Parker, believing herself to be Lexie DeWitt, first encountered the man inside the Barn, which she believed to be the "Oatley Tap Bar," (this is the name used by Stephen King in the novel, The Talisman) when he entered with a gun and demanded that she sit with him. Audrey was rescused by a patron, William, who disarmed the man with a pool cue; the two fought until William recovered the man's gun, and the man fled.

The man later returned with backup, and they demanded that William leave with them. William nearly did before Audrey assembled a gun and order the men to leave without William. They did.

Soon after, the two men exited the Barn and arrived at the town of Haven, where they mugged Carrie Benson, a newspaper delivery-girl, leaving a metaphysical handprint on her back that only Audrey was later able to see; they also mutated Benson's Trouble, which had only ever directly affected her, by causing it to affect other people as well.

Several days later, they staked out the Grey Gull while Nathan Wuornos and Audrey were inside. In "The Lighthouse," it was discovered that he was merely a construct of Aether created by William and Mara to create Troubles.