Haven 503
Season 5
Episode 3
Premiere date September 25, 2014
Written by Speed Weed & Shernold Edwards
Directed by TW Peacocke
Previous episode Speak No Evil
Next episode Much Ado About Mara
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"Spotlight" is the 55th episode of Haven and the third episode of Season 5.


Nathan makes a desperate plea to recover Audrey while protecting Mara from The Guard, leaving Duke and Dwight to deal with a deadly trouble that threatens to burn the town to the ground.



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Featured MusicEdit

  • "Drifting Home to You" by Jody Brian Quartet


  • Nathan: Dance with me, Parker.
    Mara: I'd rather stab you in the crotch.
    Nathan: We should enjoy the time we have left, it might not last.
    Mara: So you want to get stabbed in the crouch.
  • Gloria: So it's some kind of sunlight-amplifying trouble?
    Dwight: Sounds like it.
    Gloria: Geez. Get out your SPF 5 million.
  • Nathan: So, Parker, I have maple syrup and blueberry syrup. Which one do you want?
    Mara: I'm gonna give you a trouble that will make your heart explode inside of your chest.
    Nathan: Maple it is.


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