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Stu Pierce
Stu Pierce.jpg
Season 2
Ability His sweat dehydrates anybody who comes into contact with it to the point of mummification.
Appearance Business As Usual
Status Alive
Actor Joris Jarsky

Stu Pierce is a married man who accidently killed a couple of men due to his trouble.


Before the troubles returned, Stu was a normal man and was happily married to Colleen Pierce. The troubles returned and Stu could no longer touch people. He along with other troubled people were getting together for a meeting. When Stu and Reggie were arguing about the meeting, Reggie accidently touched Stu and was killed. Stu fled the scene and on his way home he bumped into Barry and Barry hugged him thus coming in contact with the sweat as well which killed Barry. Patrick eventually figured it out and had kidnapped Stu, but Stu was saved by Audrey. He explains everything to Audrey and Nathan and decides to leaves town. To his surprise, Colleen won't leave him and stays with him. As they pack to leave, Stu gives Nathan the list he got from Patrick so Nathan can help them. Stu leaves with his wife and will return when the troubles are gone.