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Stuart Mosley
Stuart Moseley.jpg
Season 3, 5
Ability Transport people through time
Appearance 2 episodes
Status Alive
Actor George R. Robertson (2010)
Ryan Lee Kennedy (1955)
Thom Payne (1983)

Stuart Mosley is a resident of Haven, Maine.

He is a Troubled war veteran who Sarah Vernon had helped in the past.

In November of 2010, he used his affliction to transport Duke Crocker back in time to 1955.


He was fighting in a war, when his patrol was ambushed, and his company had disappeared. Stuart was the only one to survive. Years later his team had appeared coming out of a jungle unaware of the time that had passed. Stuart is soon sent to Haven with a nurse called Sarah Vernon.

In Haven he is put in a hospital under the care of Sarah. While he's there, a man comes by to talk to him about something, but he is interrupted when Sarah comes in and drags the man out by his ear.

Season 3[]

Upon seeing Stuart's name in his grandfather's journal, Duke visits Stuart. Stuart becomes frightened, and his trouble kicks in, sending Duke back into the past.

Season 5[]

In Just Passing Through, Nathan and Vince appear before him using an old photo to travel back to the time period where Audrey was "Lucy". Stuart is surprised and his trouble is activated.


Season Three[]

Season Five[]