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The New Girl
The New Girl Nathan at crime scene.jpg
Season 4
Episode 5
Premiere date 11 October 2013
Written by Brian Millikin
Directed by Rick Bota
Previous episode "Lost and Found"
Next episode "Countdown"
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"The New Girl"[allusion 1] is the 44th episode of Haven, and the fifth episode of the fourth season.

This episode picks up immediately after "Lost and Found", continuing the same scene and conversation. This is the fourth episode to do this. "A Tale of Two Audreys"[1] picked up immediately after "Spiral",[2] "Magic Hour: Part 2"[3] picked immediately up after "Magic Hour: Part 1",[4] and "Fallout"[5] picked immediately up after "Thanks For The Memories",[6] at least for Duke.


Audrey's out of The Barn and pretending to be Lexie to keep Nathan alive. As "Lexie", the new girl in town, she joins Nathan on a hunt for a deadly possession Trouble.


Everyone stares at Audrey, who insists that her name is Lexie.[note 1] Jordan puts a rifle to Nathan's head and tells Lexie to shoot him, but she refuses, and Duke points out that if Lexie doesn't love Nathan then killing him won't work. Duke grabs a rifle from one Guard member and punches him, getting his blood on his hand. As his Trouble activates and he fights off the Guard members with his super strength, Nathan runs off into the nearby woods, with members of the Guard chasing and shooting at him.[continuity 1]

New girl - lexie asking jennifer a question.jpg

Lexie and Jennifer, the only two people not fighting the Guard or chasing after Nathan remain in the field she landed in. Lexie takes this opportunity to ask Jennifer where she is and Jennifer tells her that she's in Maine. As Nathan runs for his truck, a Guard member clocks him with a rifle butt.

Everyone has now caught up with Nathan and the member of the Guard who brought him down. Jordan reminds Vince he agreed to let them kill Nathan while Dave tries to protect Nathan saying that things have changed since the door was opened. Vince ignores Dave and agrees to let Jordan and the Guard kill Nathan.[note 2] Audrey and Jennifer catch up to the group and Audrey fires a gun into the air to save Nathan's life.

Duke tells Audrey that he thinks he has a solution that does not involve killing Nathan, and asks if he can speak to Vince. Audrey lets him, and Duke tells Vince that he thinks he has a plan to end the Troubles.

The group has moved to the Haven Herald offices. Vince, Dave, Duke, Jennifer, Jordan and members of the Guard are in the front room, arguing about what to do with Nathan and Lexie. Jordan suggests turning Lexie back into Audrey but Vince says that they tried that once before, a long time ago, and it didn't work. She then suggests that the find The Barn and force Lexie into it and see what happens. Jennifer explains that she can no longer hear the Barn and that the last thing she heard, someone was saying that the barn is dying. Duke argues in favour of his plan, and Jordan suggests that they force Lexie to kill Nathan now and hope for the best. Vince agrees with Jordan, saying that the Troubles must be ended, but he doesn't elaborate, simply saying "get Dwight on the phone".

New girl - lexie treating nathan.jpg

In the back room of the Herald, Nathan is dabbing the wound on his forehead and Lexie is twisting her hair, while they watch everyone in the other room fight about what to do.[note 3] A member of the Guard is posted outside each doorway, keeping them prisoner. Lexie asks about the wound on Nathan's head. Nathan tries to dispel Lexie's worries about the guns and the armed men, telling her that she's safe. Lexie explains that given the day she's had she doesn't feel particularly safe. Nathan asks her about who she thought she was and she tells him that she's a bartender. She also tells him about William, the man who helped her escape. The discussion in the other room ends and Vince enters the back room, telling Nathan and Audrey to come with him.

Outside the The Rope Loft[production 1] Vince pulls up in his Montclair, with Nathan and Lexie riding in the back to a crime scene in his Montclair and Duke pulls up in truck. Dwight walks over to the Montclair and un-handcuffs Nathan when he exits the car. Lexie mentions that she's hungry and asks about getting food, but she's ignored.[continuity 2] Vince orders Lexie to wait by the car, and Nathan, Vince and Dwight walk partway down the street. Dwight explains that they think the crime scene is a Troubled one. A boy named Josh was having breakfast with a girl named Katie,[SK 1] went nuts, attacked her and employees locked him in the kitchen. Dwight asks Vince if he's sure that he doesn't need him handling the scene and Vince tells him no, that "that other thing", which is "critical for this to work". Vince tells Nathan that he wants him to solve a Trouble and gives him back his gun. Nathan protests that Lexie isn't the same girl, and points out that she isn't even a cop. Vince reminds Nathan that whatever personality The Barn has given her, she's always helped with the Troubles, that it's part of who she is.[continuity 3].[15] Vince then leaves, but only after warning Duke that if the plan doesn't work The Guard will be back and not just for Nathan. Once Duke leaves, Nathan questions him about his plan.

New girl - duke and nathan arrive.jpg

A scream interrupts them, bringing Nathan and Duke's attention back to the crime scene. Lexie has entered the crime scene, under the guise of looking for a bathroom, and found Josh locked up in the kitchen.[note 4] Nathan tries to speak with Josh, but he screams at them to stop calling him Josh, and tries to break out of the kitchen with a large knife. Nathan tries to get Josh to drop the knife and come out, but Josh refuses, saying "I trusted her, look at where that got me" before using the knife to slice his throat, killing himself as they watch helplessly.

Back at Haven Police Department, Katie has been brought to Nathan's office. Duke is questioning Katie while Nathan zones out, sneaking peaks at Lexie, who's sitting on a bench watching Duke's interrogation and twisting her hair.[continuity 4] Katie explains that Josh was her boyfriend Tyler's best friend. Tyler is currently in the hospital because the three of them were in a car accident a few days ago. Tyler who was driving lost control, "for some reason" driving straight into a wall. Duke tries to get Nathan to continue the questioning, but Nathan just looks up blankly before calling in Officer Rafferty to take her formal statement. Duke tells Lexie that they're going to need her help to figure things out, but Lexie is annoyed by how much everyone seems to need her and points out again that she's hungry and needs to eat and asks for change for the candy machine in the lobby. Nathan gives Lexie change and tells her that the Baby Ruth bars stick.

New girl - duke talks to nathan.jpg

As soon as she's out of the room, Duke gets on Nathan's case. Nathan points out that it seems like both Josh and Tyler were experiencing suicidal thoughts and guesses that that might be what the Trouble does. Lexie comes back in, eating a candy bar. Nathan tells her that they are going to the hospital[continuity 5] At room 4012, Duke and Nathan speak to Tyler, who explains that he's paralyzed as a result of the car accident. He tells Nathan that right before the car crash, Katie looked at him funny and something happened. He couldn't control his body anymore and that that's why the car crashed. He says he didn't say anything to the police because it didn't make sense, and is surprised when Duke suggests that it might be a Trouble. Nathan hands Tyler his business card and tells him to call him if he thinks of anything else. As they go, Duke writes Tyler a "prescription" for a free round of drinks at The Grey Gull once he's out of the hospital. Duke and Nathan catch up with Lexie who says that the doctor said that she was "right as rain", before adding that she doesn't really trust doctors. Duke awkwardly tries to play up Nathan's part in the investigation:

Officer Rafferty has driven Katie home. Katie is thanking Rafferty when she suddenly jerks, inhaling sharply. She looks at her hand, curling her fingers and whispers "it worked again". Rafferty tries to ask Katie what's happening but Katie ignores her. Katie says "I had this coming" before jumping in front of a passing car, killing herself.

Duke and Nathan arrive at the crime scene and Nathan explains that Katie stepped out in front of the car like she was brainwashed.

Duke: So this is somebody else's Grim Reaper Trouble making the rounds then? What do you think the chances are that we made his hit list, huh? Cheekbones?

Nathan snipes at Duke, telling him how hard it is to deal with the fact that Audrey is really gone, especially while Lexie is around looking exactly like Audrey. Duke tells him that he's trying to fix all of this and that it's time that Nathan starts too. Lexie walks up and asks if he thinks Katie killed herself with her Trouble. Nathan says that he thinks that she's just a victim and then notices that Lexie has a walkie-talkie. Lexie explains that one of the cops gave it to her and asks if everyone thinks she's Audrey. Duke explains that they've told everyone that she has amnesia and that working would hopefully trigger her memories.

New girl - lexie refuses.jpg

Nathan puts his hand out for the walkie-talkie, but Lexie refuses to give it to him, saying that William told her that she belonged in Haven and had a purpose. Lexie says that maybe helping them, keeping Nathan from being killed and figuring out what happened to Josh and Katie is her purpose. Jennifer arrives, carrying an armful of Audrey's clothes. She confronts Duke, asking what he's doing. He admits that he never thought The Guard would buy his story, but now that they have, he's just trying to keep the balls in the air and keep Nathan alive. Jennifer tries to go with him, but Duke tells her that it's too dangerous and he wants her to stay out of it. Visible upset, Jennifer goes back to move her things out of Audrey's apartment.

Wade Crocker enters The Grey Gull and finds Jordan at the bar, helping herself to a shot. He offers her a beer on the house and invites her to share her troubles with him. Dwight enters and interrupts them, telling Jordan that Wade is a Crocker. He then waves his badge and asks for a moment with Jordan. He asks her to come with him, telling her he has something to show her.

Back at Nathan's office at the HPD, Duke and Nathan are going over the case, trying to figure out who would want to target Tyler, Josh and Katie. Duke suggests revenge, jealousy and betrayal, general "greek tragedy stuff" as possible motives, and Lexie says that she thinks it's all of these things combined. Nathan tries to shut her up, saying that he's got this. Duke throws his hands up exasperated and Lexie needles Nathan, mockingly calling him "Detective Woo-or-nose". Lexie explains that when they interviewed Katie she got a guilty vibe and thought that Katie was cheating on Tyler with Josh. She suggests that Tyler might be the murderer. Duke and Nathan admit that it's a good idea and Nathan asks if Lexie is up for talking to Tyler. Lexie nods her head and leads the way out of the room and Duke gives Nathan a slightly sarcastic thumbs up.

New girl - watching footage.jpg

At the hospital, they find an orderly dead in Tyler's bed and no sign of Tyler. Lexie asks how Tyler, a paraplegic could have left on his own, and Duke goes off to find Tyler's nurse. Backup arrives and processes the crime scene while Nathan and Lexie watch the security footage. It shows the orderly giving Tyler a remote control and a moment later Tyler seizes and takes control of the orderly's body. The possessed orderly rips Tyler off of the machines, loads him onto a gurney and wheels him out of the room. The possessed orderly then returns to Tyler's hospital bed, crawls in, takes out a large syringe, fills it with air, and then stabs himself in the heart, killing himself.

Nathan realizes that Josh and Katie weren't just brainwashed, but possessed. Lexie wonders why Tyler bothered to kill the orderly, and Nathan suggests that he might be tying up looses ends, or he might actually need to kill the host body in order to end the possession.[continuity 6] Nathan checks Tyler's records and sees that Tyler had a seizure every time he possessed someone and that every time he lost more of his own motor function.[continuity 7]

Nathan's phone rings and it's Duke, who tells him that he's upstairs, and that a "psychopath in scrubs" is following him, acting all "twitchy" the way Josh had before his death. Nathan warns him that the person is an innocent victim and tells him not to engage. Nathan and Lexie catch up with Duke, who's standing outside a locked door in the morgue. He says that he locked the guy in and he hands the Nathan the keys. Nathan warns Lexie to stay back and has Duke open the door while he enters with his weapon drawn. Nathan steps inside to see an empty closet and Duke clocks him with the door, grabbing Nathan's weapon when he stumbles, and holding Lexie and Nathan at gunpoint. Nathan realizes that he was Tyler the whole time and that this was a trap.[continuity 8]

New girl - duke possessed.jpg

Still wearing Duke's body, Tyler demands Nathan and Lexie hand over their phones. Lexie does so reluctantly, complaining that she just got the phone.[continuity 9] Tyler admits that his Trouble kicked in after the car crash, but claims that at first, it was an accident. He says that he was lying in bed, paralyzed and then suddenly he found himself at The Rope Loft, inside of Josh. He saw that Josh was out with his girlfriend and realized that he could punish his friends for abandoning and betraying him.[continuity 10] Nathan realizes that Tyler needs an object in order to possess someone. Josh and Katie gave him get-well cards, the orderly gave him the remote and Duke gave him the drink ticket. Josh points out that Nathan gave him a business card as well, and that he could possess Nathan if he wanted to. Nathan warns him that he can't keep it up, and tells him that the charts showed that his real body was falling apart the more he used his Trouble. Tyler tells him that he's planning to trade his body in for Duke's permanently, and then he forces Lexie and Nathan into the closet at gunpoint and locks them in.

Dwight takes Jordan to an underground bunker with walls covered by a giant murderboard. He tells her that for the past six months he, Vince and Dave have been going over everything, trying to find a different way to end the Troubles. He tells her that they've been looking for another way to end the Troubles but haven't found anything. The only way for the Troubles to end is for Lexie to kill the person she loves most and so they have to wait for Lexie to fall in love with Nathan all over again.[continuity 11] Jordan points out the Troubles always arrive around the same time that Audrey does and suggests that maybe the Troubles are her Trouble and wonders if someone from the Crocker bloodline killed Audrey if it would end all the Troubles permanently. Dwight tells her that there's nothing anywhere that suggests that's true, and Jordan points out that there's also nothing that says it isn't. Dwight reminds her that Duke wouldn't kill Audrey, "not in a million years".

New girl - wade realizes something is up.jpg

Still inside Duke's body, Tyler arrives at The Grey Gull, planning to empty out the till. Wade enters the bar and interrupts him, thinking that he's speaking to Duke. Tyler takes Wade up on his offer of help, telling him about a Troubled guy who can possess people, but then "woosh, he ends up back in his old body." Tyler says he's trying to figure out how to keep that from happening, how to stay in the new person's body.[note 5] Wade suggests that if the Troubled person kills his original body, maybe he can stay in the body he's possessing. Tyler thanks him for his help and then tries to open the till. As he struggles to open it, Wade realizes that he's not Duke. When he confronts Tyler, he confirms this, and then punches Wade, knocking him to the ground.[note 6] When Wade is on the ground, bleeding, Tyler asks if the Gull has a safe.

Back inside the locked closet, Nathan is trying to break the door down with his shoulder. Repeatedly. During this exchange something about Lexie makes Nathan a little suspicious, so he suggests that when they get out of there, they could get some food. He suggests pancakes, and Lexie's reaction is to fake hurl.[writer 1]

Back at the Gull, Wade asks what happened to Duke, and Tyler tells him that he's still in there, just "riding in the backseat", something he plans to take care of now that Wade's given him a suggestion as to how. Tyler threatens to beat Wade to get the safe's information, but Jennifer pulls up outside, so he knocks Wade out instead. Jennifer has come to tell Duke that she's going back to Boston. When she appears disappointed that Duke isn't trying to talk her out of leaving, Tyler goes after her, telling her that he's leaving town as well, and asks her to come with him. He kisses her, much to Jennifer's surprise, and she asks if he's sure about this. Tyler says that he is and dissuades her from going to get her things, saying that they can always get new things. He wants to leave immediately, after making a small stop to pay a final visit to a friend.

New girl - lexie working on door.jpg

Back inside the morgue closet, Nathan is still pounding on the door. Lexie gets him to move aside and tries to pick the door lock. Lexie notices Nathan ogling and confronts him about it. She asks him if he understands that she isn't Audrey and Nathan says that he knows that, and admits that he doesn't want her, he just wants Audrey back. Lexie doesn't respond, and goes back to working on the door. She gets the door open and gestures outward to a surprised Nathan.

At the Gull, Wade comes to, hauls himself to a standing position, grabs the phone on the counter and dials Nathan.

Tyler and Jennifer pull up outside the hospital and Jennifer questions why they're stopping there. She jokingly asks if she'll have to flash her boobs again and Tyler who doesn't know what she's talking about looks puzzled and says "ok". Trying to smooth things over he calls her "babe" and Jennifer realizes that something is wrong. She reaches inside her purse, and grabs a pen, having it ready in her hand for when she suggests that he's been infected by a Trouble. Tyler looks to the gun in the car, but before he can make a move for it Jennifer stabs him in the thigh with her pen, grabs the gun and gets out of the car. She warns him not to get near her, saying that she will shoot him and she'll probably hit him in the face. Tyler hobbles off into the emergency entrance of the hospital.

New girl - jennifer taking.jpg

Nathan and Lexie exit through the main doors and Jennifer runs over and blurts everything out, handing the gun over to Nathan.[continuity 13] Lexie explains that he's been possessed and Nathan says that he just got a call from Wade saying that Tyler wants to stay in Duke's body permanently and thinks he has to kill his body to do that. They've checked the security camera footage and have confirmed that the orderly never left the building and that someone accessed the basement at the same time.[note 7] Nathan asks if Jennifer gave Tyler anything that he could use to take control of her and Jennifer tells them that she left her pen in his leg. Jennifer lets it slip that Lexie is immune to the Troubles, and therefore cannot be body-snatched by Tyler.[writer 2] Lexie decides to go in on her own. She says she'll go, take the drink slip from Tyler's, Duke will no longer be possessed and as a bonus, she'll get a free drink. Nathan doesn't want to let her go in alone, but Lexie convinces him. Nathan agrees to let her go in, and hands her Duke's gun.[continuity 14] He tells her that he has three minutes and then he comes in after her. Lexie smiles and agrees, calling Nathan "Dudley Do-Right."[allusion 2]

Inside the hospital basement, Lexie approaches Tyler's body on the gurney, but he had enough control of his body that he's able to raise his hand up and slap her gun away. Tyler in Duke's body sneaks up behind her and warns her that she'll be dead before she gets the drink ticket out of his hands. She warns him that killing his body might not leave him in control of Duke's body, but Tyler says that he doesn't have a choice, that his original body is ruined. He says that there's no going back for him, and maybe no going back for her either.

New girl - dukes trouble kicks in.jpg

Tyler asks Lexie if Duke is really worth dying for. She looks down at the axe in his hand, and steps away, saying "I'm sorry Duke."[continuity 15][SK 2] Tyler swings the axe into his body on the gurney and Tyler and Duke's body both start seizing. Duke's eyes turn silver and still inside Duke's body, Tyler cries out in pain, asking what's happening to him. Tyler's body stops seizing and he lies there dead as Duke's body collapses on the hospital floor.[continuity 16] Lexie questions Duke, asking whether or not he's still Tyler, but Duke tells her no, that it's him. Lexie looks at him guilty and asks if he remembers anything and he tells her that he remembers everything, that it felt like being a fly on his own wall. Lexie then asks what happened with Tyler and with Duke's eyes and Duke tells her about his family curse.

At the HPD, Lexie is going through Audrey's notebook. She asks Nathan about Audrey, and Nathan tells her that she, like Audrey is good at handling the Troubles. Lexie says that she isn't, that she got lucky, and that for all she did Duke might as well be dead. Nathan points out that she went in there, and tried, telling her that means a lot. Lexie asks Nathan about his relationship with Audrey.

At the Gull, Wade is icing his eye when Duke enters. Wade tells him that he called the cops and saved Duke's life and says that maybe Duke can finally open up to him. He is upset that Duke actually interested in what he had to say while he was possessed. Duke is apologetic for what Tyler did while in his body, but not for shutting Wade out. He tells Wade that he's doing him a favor by not telling him his secret. Wade walks away from him.

New girl - duke joins jennifer.jpg

Duke limps over toward the back door where Jennifer is standing, looking out on the bay. Jennifer defends Wade, saying that he's just trying to help. Duke stays firm, saying that he's protecting him. He tells her that he heard what she said to Tyler about going back to Boston. He tells her that Lexie's going to take Audrey's old room, and offers her a room in his boat, the Cape Rouge. He tells her that he doesn't care that The Barn is gone, he wants her to stay. When she asks, he confirms that he remembers everything that Tyler did while controlling his body, including their kiss.[writer 3]

Wade walks to his car in the Gull parking lot, only to find Jordan there. He asks if she's waiting for Duke, but she tells him that she's actually waiting for him.

Duke limps out onto the side patio of the Gull, where Lexie is standing, twirling her hair.[production 2][production 3] He jokes that she owes him six months rent. She says that she should get at least a month off for trying to save his life. Duke points out that she didn't, that she stepped aside and let Tyler take him. She apologizes saying that she was scared and starts to leave. Duke blocks her path and challenges that, saying that he doesn't think that she got scared, he thinks that she knew that his curse would kick in and save him. She says that she doesn't know anything about that and starts to walk away more quickly. As she's walking away, Duke calls after, asking if she's really Audrey. Audrey turns around and hugs Duke, telling him that yes, it really is her.[writer 4]


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]



Audrey: (shooting the gun into the air) Okay, listen up you lunatics. Move a muscle, lose your head. I know it doesn't seem like I know how to use this thing, but I do.[note 8][continuity 17]
Vince: What do you want Lexie?
Audrey: Ideally? A stiff drink. And a reason why y'all are trying to blow away cheekbones here.[writer 5]
Jordan: I'll take care of her.[goof 1]
Audrey: (shoots at Jordan's feet) Listen I know your angry honey, but I'm hoping you're not stupid too.
Audrey: How's your head?
Nathan: Can't feel it.
Audrey: Oh, tough guy.[continuity 18] Why don't you just let me take a look at it, I've stitched up a couple cuts in my day.[continuity 19]
Duke: It's really pretty simple. Audrey loves you when she kills you, the Troubles end, right? The same rules should apply if Lexie falls for you.[writer 6]
Nathan: You want Lexie to fall in love with me?{{refn|group=note|Duke was in love with Audrey[4] and Vince was in love with Sarah[15] and they've both resented Nathan's relationship with Audrey. Duke questioned whether or not Nathan was actually Audrey's true love,[5] and Vince has been angry at Nathan for his selfishness in refusing to let Audrey enter The Barn.[9]
Rafferty: Welcome back Detective
Audrey: We'll actually I'm not...
Duke: You know what? It's great isn't it. Mazel tov, we're all very happy, thank you.[note 9] Look, you want to try and explain this to everyone? You know, we still need them to think that she's a cop.
Audrey: Yeah, but I'm not a cop, and I'm not Audrey, this is insane.
Nathan: Yeah I know, this is all very confusing...Lexie.[continuity 20]
Audrey: Ah, 50 shades of beige.[allusion 3][writer 7]
Jennifer: At least they should fit, right?
Audrey: Okay, well I'll make sure to avoid mirrors. (whispers) Wow.
Wade: You want to tell your bartender your Troubles? It's an American tradition. [note 10]
Wade: Back so soon little brother? What's the uh, Trouble du jour?[continuity 21] You gonna fill me in? Figures - why would you let me help.
Audrey: Door: 3. War-norse: zip.
Nathan: (shouting) Warnous! It's — oh, you're funny.
Audrey: I've been told.
Nathan: It's good to have a sense of humor with all this crazy stuff.
Audrey: Well if you're not laughing, you're crying. You know what would be good right now? Some hard drugs: some mescaline, peyote, some scotch.[SK 3]
Nathan: You've done peyote?
Audrey: Sure. This morning I flew threw a multi-dimensional door, okay. I think peyote makes sense. Don't go all cop on me.
Audrey: Did you and Audrey knock boots? Did you make sweet love?
Nathan: It's, uh, complicated
Audrey: Complicated is what all the married guys tell me when they want to sleep with me.
Duke: You know I've been thinking about what happened down in that basement. You just stepped aside and let Tyler try to take me.
Audrey: I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I just, I–I didn't want to get stabbed I was scared.
Duke: You see that's where I get stuck. You jumped out of that barn, went down in that basement. I guess I'm just having a hard time believing that you were scared. I think you knew that my curse would kick in and save me.
Audrey: I really I don't know the first thing about it.
Duke: Audrey Parker would. Isn't that right Audrey?
Audrey: Dammit Duke. (Turns around, walks up to Duke and hugs him) Yeah, it's me.

Body count[]

Tyler forces three people to commit suicide: Brian slits his throat, Katie jumps in front of a car and the orderly shoots a needle full of air into his heart. He then kills himself while in Duke's body. This last, unusual death is both a suicide (Tyler kills himself), a homicide (Duke's body kills Tyler), an attempted homicide (Tyler attempts to keep Duke's body by destroying his own) and an accidental death (Tyler had no clue that Duke was Troubled or that Duke's Trouble would end his own).[note 11]

Nora Zuckerman, Haven writer and producer weighed in on twitter saying that she thought Millikin "just lapped the Zucks [note 12] in brutal deaths this season".[36] Script supervisor Nick Parker called Josh's death "One of the more brutal and visceral deaths we've had on Haven."[37] Episode writer Brian Millikin weighed in himself, citing Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an inspiration for the deaths, saying that Buffy taught him that "heart, humor and horror can really work well together".[38]

Social media[]


  • Episode writer Brian Millikin live-tweeted during the US premiere of "The New Girl".[39] Writer Shernold Edwards and writer-producers Nora Zuckerman and Lilla Zuckerman also live-tweeted this episode.[40]
  • #DiscoverHaven trended for 30 minutes in the United States and was the 106th most popular topic for October 11th, 2013.[41]


Production notes[]

  1. The Rope Loft is a real restaurant in Chester, Nova Scotia,[11] that the cast and crew often eat at after work.[12]
  2. TheNewGirlFlags.png
    In the scenes on the side patio of The Grey Gull, six signal flags are visible. Going from left to right the first and third flags are "numeral pendants"[24] from The Marryat Code the most widely used code of signals prior to 1857 and the establishment of what would become the International Code of Signals (ICS).[25] The second and fifth flags are the "Four" flag from the (ICS). The third flag is unclear. The closest naval flag is the "India" flag which is a yellow flag with a black circle. "India" indicates that a ship is heading to port. Outside of naval flags, there is a racing flag, nicknamed "meatball", which is similar. Black, with an orange circle, it indicates that indicates that a car is being summoned to a pit stop due to mechanical problems that are interfering with the race, such as an oil, water, or fuel leak. If the driver fails to stop, the flag should not be shown for more than four consecutive laps. A black flag with a yellow circle was also used by the Ghaznavid dynsasty. The sixth flag and final flag in the set is the numeral "3" from the ICS.
  3. In the shot of the side patio as Duke walks out, the #DiscoverHaven hashtag is briefly visible, carved into the bottom frame of the balcony woodwork.

Writers' notes[]

  • The writers split season 4 into three parts and "The New Girl" kicks off the 2nd part.[42] Knowing the overarching plot elements that the writers had planned,[43] Millikin said he was "stoked" to be assigned this episode.[44]
  • Millikin said that he enjoyed getting to write Lexie's first day in Haven, and said that he considered it a little like writing a new pilot with the show.[45] He also said that he thought Nathan was the emotional heart of the episode and that it was all about his "coming to grips" with Lexie.[46]
  • Five minutes had to be trimmed from the episode, including a minute of Dwight and Jordan screentime.[47]


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